Hello and welcome to Labo Fitness Magazine .

My name is Anthony and I created “Labo fitness Magazine”. It’s a magazine for people who like to take care of the water while playing sports.

I’ve always been passionate about fitness and wanted to find a way to share quality information with those looking for it. Labo Fitness is unique in the without where I approach things simply.

The Labo Fitness magazine is the way to share quality information on sports equipment and to find advice in terms of maintaining your health. This magazine differs from other websites and provides additional and useful information by answering the most common questions directly in articles.

How articles are created

There is a lack of information for future buyers when choosing the model that best suits them, but also in terms of exercise advice. It is for this reason that I created Labo Fitness. The site allows you to gather all the necessary information, create all the reviews and select the best fitness equipment available.

I sort through each new article , which takes me hours to study and select the best devices. It then takes me several days to write and format the information I have collected.

This Online Magazine is sometimes written by other device owner contributors who share their opinions for the benefit of the readers.

All buying guides and advice are updated on a regular basis and everything is accessible free of charge.

If your current equipment or physical activity is not at the level you want, I will help you improve it by giving you ideas and advice. Do not hesitate and browse the site.

Discover the categories and different existing fitness equipment, you will be surprised to learn things that you would not imagine. There are new technologies and more sophisticated devices that can achieve exactly what you want. Nobody takes you by the hand to do it so it’s my goal to take up this challenge.

At Labo Fitness, you can be sure to find up-to-date information to use today to improve your life. You don’t have to conform to any workout or device, it’s up to them to adapt to you. Please feel free to share your experiences and reviews of the fitness device you use in the comments on the appropriate pages!


Thank you to Christine, Yann, Gérard, Caroline, Jean, Paul, Anita, Caroline, Josselin, Sellam, Patrick, David, Matthieu, Thierry, Karim … and to all those who have supported me from near or far in my entrepreneurial adventure!