Best Abs Machines

Top 10 Best Abs Machines (and love handles)

Having beautiful abs, no love handles, everyone dreams of it, everyone talks about it and with the right gym equipment for abs, it is not that difficult if you show a little courage!

Unfortunately, as you can see, the web is full of miracle machines that promise you chocolate abs without getting up from the sofa.

There are so many offers that we are quickly lost and finally, we end up buying an ineffective machine or postpone for a next time (if it comes).

This is why I have chosen to quickly talk about the best abs machines to stimulate the abs. there are cheap models, sometimes seen on TV… or not.
The  good point is that there is a wide variety of machines allowing everyone to work their abs according to their preferences, hence the interest of this comparison of abs devices.

Which abs machine to choose? The biggest success of the moment is the popular Fitmaxx 5 for doing effective abs with just 5 minutes a day.

The 10 best abs machines

The main thing is to shop around for the devices that work in order to give you the possibility of regaining a flat stomach, slimming and having a beautiful athletic line without false advertising or eccentric innovations.

Here is the classification of abdominal devices.

Current bestsellers:

1- Ultrasport AB Roller – cheap abdominal wheel

Ultrasport AB roller, AB trainer incl. knee pad, abdominal training for men and women, abdominal muscle roller with multifunction, for seniors, space-saving foldable muscle trainer, Black/Grey


For those who like the wheel system, this one is very well designed, comfortable and comes with a mini floor mat for the knees. What to say: it is effective, it is part of the proven techniques to have beautiful abs.

This very compact device is not uninteresting for measuring the difficulty of abdominal exercises. The ultrasport AB Wheel has been awarded several times and enjoys a real love for its users who guarantee it at the top.

The supplied floor mat is a real plus insofar as these exercises must be done with the knees on the ground as well as the really comfortable handles which allow a good grip in order to concentrate on the effort.

Small downside, the mat is microscopic and not always easy to stay with your knees on it. In any case, it is a cheap and effective abs machine.

Ultrasport AB roller, AB trainer incl. knee pad, abdominal training for men and women, abdominal muscle roller with multifunction, for seniors, space-saving foldable muscle trainer, Black/Grey
  • Compact and sturdy training device for men and women, both suitable for beginners as well as advanced users and seniors
  • The stable and non-slip handles of the AB Rollers are easy to wipe off after training and therefore very hygienic
  • Muscle trainer that is high quality and safe – ab trainer for the home, also suitable for outdoor use
  • This ab roller fitness trainer is space-saving, as it is collapsible, and very easy to store when not in use
  • The multifunctional sports device comes with an exclusively padded knee mat as well as detailed training instructions to get going right away – dimensions approx.. 34 x 16 x 1 cm


2- WonderCore Smart Abs machine – no more abs chore

THANE WonderCore Smart (WonderCore Smart)


A weird abs machine that seems to keep its promises, the basic technique is lying on your back and lifting your torso. With smart abdo and its 6 working positions, varying the level of difficulty, the chore of the abs becomes more pleasant but also more effective.

By managing the difficulty, (The handles provide adjustable and flexible support to your back) you only work the abs according to your level and spare your necks which is generally the weak point of this working position.

It also offers to work the arms and thighs which is not uninteresting even if you had not bought it for that. Smart abs comes with 1 exercise guide + 1 exercise DVD with 2 30-minute classes + 1 nutritional guide + 1 user manual.

The abs machine itself is robust even if for the price we would have liked a longer warranty, not bulky: 52 x 55 x 38 cm for 13 lbs which allows it to be slipped under a bed.

THANE WonderCore Smart (WonderCore Smart)
  • Works out your entire core upper, middle, lower abs and obliques, Combines 6 great exercises
  • Adjustable resistance, Works in both directions on each rep, No need for an expensive gym membership
  • Compact and easily folds up, Works in conjunction with an exercise and diet plan
  • Comes fully assembled, Workout DVD included, Exercise and nutrition guide included
  • Product Of The Year Winner 2018 - In the largest consumer survey for product innovation in the UK and Ireland, the WonderCore Smart was voted number 1 in the Core Fitness category. Winner Core Fitness category. Survey of 10,637 people by Kantar TNS.


3- Capital Sports Sixish Core Bench in L – adjustable bench to work the abs

Capital Sports Sixish Core Ab Trainer Body Trainer for Middle and Lower Abs, Abs Machine, Abdominal Trainer, Biceps Triceps Back Shoulders Easy-to-Use, Space Saving, Black


Here is a real cheap and complete abdominal weight training bench to offer you pretty chocolate bars and which will replace without hesitation your old abs board. As soon as you see it, you imagine the miracles it can do and you want to try it without forgetting its correct price.

The term weight bench is not usurped because it will also make you work the rest of the body in a fairly complete way. The abs machine presented with a sturdy steel frame weighing less than 22 lbs. It easily adopts other positions by tilting to allow for variety of exercises.

The spring resistors are not intended to replace weights but to do natural exercises with progressive difficulty, intended to strengthen and tone what is the role of fitness. More generally, the springs are indestructible which should reassure you about the longevity of the sit-up bench.

I will say that in any case, it is the risk-free purchase that will make you work a great part of the body, not just the abs but also the arms, buttocks, thighs and even shoulders.

Capital Sports Sixish Core Ab Trainer Body Trainer for Middle and Lower Abs, Abs Machine, Abdominal Trainer, Biceps Triceps Back Shoulders Easy-to-Use, Space Saving, Black
  • Sixpack ab crunch machine for a defined core | Trains middle and lower abs, biceps, triceps, back and shoulders | Space-saving fitness device for at-home use.
  • Suitable for beginners, advanced, and professionals | Easy-to-use and suitable for effective completmentary training with the sit up machine.
  • Stable & robust: powder-coated steel | Elastic pull cables | Pivoting back rest
  • Get you six pack! The  CAPITAL SPORTS  Sixish Core ab machine will get your complete upper body in shape. In the studio or at home you can always find a place for the Sixish Core. A wide range of exercise options are available.
  • Thanks to the flexible plugs, you can customize the  CAPITAL SPORTS Sixish Core crunches machine to meet your individual needs and training requirements in no time. Now nothing will stand in the way of your six pack.


4- ODOLAND 6 in 1 Abdominal Wheel – A complete kit for cheap

Odoland 6 in 1 Ab Wheel Roller Set Include 2 Pushup Handles, 2 Gliding Discs, 2 Grips, Jump Rope and Knee Mat - Abdominal Exercise Kit Core Abs Trainer For Lose Weight Fitness Work Out at Home, Gym


No innovative technology here, I was just won over by the simplicity. It is sometimes good to know how to go back to the essentials and by the budget aspect which makes these accessories accessible to all.

First, there is an abdominal wheel, a modern but no-frills wheel for those who prefer this proven working position, and there is 1x AB roller, 2x pull-up bars, 2x glide discs, 2x handles, 1x jump rope and 1x knee brace.

The handles are long, wide and non-slip / sweat-proof for a comfortable hold, the system itself offers a double wheel for perfect stability. Added to this are handles for doing push-ups, in my opinion it’s an essential accessory since the most unpleasant thing about push-ups is the discomfort of the wrists.

Finally, a pair of “sport” skipping ropes to increase your tone, your cardio and your synchronization. All in all, the pack offers three good fitness items for the price of one, making it a cheap fitness device and a great opportunity to test the wheel for board enthusiasts. There is no need to hesitate.

Odoland 6 in 1 Ab Wheel Roller Set Include 2 Pushup Handles, 2 Gliding Discs, 2 Grips, Jump Rope and Knee Mat - Abdominal Exercise Kit Core Abs Trainer For Lose Weight Fitness Work Out at Home, Gym
  • ✅ 9-In-1 AB WHEEL ROLLER SET: Abdominal exercise kit Includes 1 x large size AB roller, 1 pair pushup handles, 1 pairs gliding discs, 1 x jump rope, 1 pairs hand exercisers, 1 x knee pad. Family version suitable unisex men women.
  • ✅ SAFE AND COMFORTABLE: Ab Abdominal Exercise Roller is made of high quality PVC and stainless steel shaft, Non-slip foam handles and knee mat let you safe and comfortable when you fitness workout at gym and home.
  • ✅ EXERCISE AND KEEP FITNESS: You can use AB wheel roller to lose weight, helps you stretch and exercise the muscles of abdomen, arms, chest, shoulders, back, and get you six pack abs. Strengthen your core strength.
  • ✅ EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND CARRY: Super large rolling area, easier to keep balance. The AB roller and push-up bar are easy to assemble and disassemble due to its humanized design, can support up to 800 Lbs. The core abdominal muscle training kit can...
  • ✅ FULL BODY EXERCISE SET: Grips can increase wrist strength. Sliding discs can take a full range of exercises to glutes and abs. Jump rope can lose weight and stay in shape. Pushup handles can increase arm strength and exercise chest muscle.


5- BEST DIRECT Gym Form Ab Generator – Flat stomach abdominal machine

BEST DIRECT GYMFORM AB Generator, Fitness Machine + Cardio, 5 Levels, Toning Abs, Legs, Arms, Computer, For women & men


Another interesting abs machine that stands out for the possibilities it offers and which is undoubtedly one of the best abs machines. Available sometimes in 3 color combinations (blue, black / red and white / red).

The technique itself consists of facing the abs machine, hanging on to the handles and then bringing your knees back along the rail. This is how to use the abs machine. While that sounds hybrid enough, it has the big advantage of working the muscles without torturing the spine and back.

With 5 difficulty levels per incline, it’s a safe bet you’ll have your chocolate bars before you start working on the 5th. In any case, user feedback is unanimous: they are all happy with it, even the usual complainers find nothing to complain about.

The sit-up machine itself is made of steel tubing, it’s easy to assemble and not to spoil anything, it folds up to an ultra-small footprint of 103 x 17 x 57 cm. With this thickness, you slide it under a bed or a wardrobe without any worries.

I am not giving the unfolded dimensions because the ground occupation will vary insofar as it is the level of difficulty which determines the position and the inclination.

A battery-powered monitor (included) gives you calories burned, time, duration, distance and repetition. It doesn’t sound like much but I know that when I’m countered on my exercises I don’t like having to count, that’s what is solved.

If you add to that a fair price and a two-year warranty depending on the seller’s country, there’s no reason not to try it.

BEST DIRECT GYMFORM AB Generator, Fitness Machine + Cardio, 5 Levels, Toning Abs, Legs, Arms, Computer, For women & men
  • 💪【EFFECTIVE WORKOUT】This AB Generator is a multi-functional home fitness machine designed to help you burn fat and tone your abs, back, glutes, legs and arms. It combines the two most effective ab exercises - crunches and planks, to provide you...
  • 💪【5 LEVELS】Choose your desired level from the five in-built programmes; Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Intense and Extreme, to tailor your home workouts, working to reach your goals in five minute daily sessions.
  • 💪【CARDIO &TONING】You will make super cardio&toning in just 1 motion
  • 💪【AMAZING BODY】Get a ripped, sexy 6 pack, raise your buns, sculpt your bicepsWhether you're a beginner just starting out on your fitness journey or an experienced gym goer, the Ab Generator is ideal for anyone wanting to improve their core and burn...
  • 💪【STABLE & SAFE 】plus, a LCD computer and FOLDABLE


6- Total Crunch Abdominal Fitness Machine – Seen On TV Abs Machine

BestofTv/M6 Abdominal crunch machine


A strange and imaginative new slimming ab machine, this time marked “as seen on TV “.

At first glance, you have to sit on it and it is the weight of the body that does the work depending on the positions. We would be skeptical when we are used to more classic abs machines but users all confirm their satisfaction.

That said, the small downside is that if it makes the whole body work harmoniously, it does not work the entire abdominal belt uniformly , which can make it necessary to complete the exercises if you are demanding. For a flat stomach, there is nothing to complain about, it’s great.

Folded it measures only 82 x 39 x 20 which is very reasonable and accepts users up to 220 lbs as suggested by its obvious robustness (in this regard avoid counterfeits, cheaper but of lower quality)

As its operation does not seem obvious at first glance, I put you a small video found on YouTube. I don’t know if you will have the abs of the athletes filmed in the test, but we can clearly see how it works and in any case, it works.

Small video in Eastern European language but the images are enough to understand.

BestofTv/M6 Abdominal crunch machine
  • Total Crunch combines 4 types of different training intensity (upper/dip squat, legs and back muscles) with cardio exercises
  • Resistance is complete and only by body weight at the time of completion of the fiscal year
  • Total Crunch is ideal for burning calories in 30 minutes a day with a single year
  • Ideal for all levels thanks to its resistance to body weight
  • Lightweight and foldable for easy transport and storage. The whole body is in motion, which burns calories continuously. Legs and spine more farms tonies, buttocks, arms, longer, stronger and better posture. Maximum user weight: 100 kg. It appplatit the...


7- Fitmaxx 5 by VITAL Maxx – a world bestseller

VITALmaxx 02678 Abdominal and Cardio Trainer 'Fitmaxx5' | Abs Trainer | Home Trainer | Fitness Trainer


This abs machine seen on TV is almost identical to the machine shown in 5, however this one has some ergonomic variations that could satisfy those who do not necessarily feel comfortable with other machines to work the abs.

It is recommended by fitness trainer Detlef D! Soost and Kate Hall and user reviews of abs devices seem to justify this recommendation. It is of course foldable for a volume of 116 x 55 x 69 and weighs only 22 lbs.

5 levels of difficulty per incline knowing that, as with all abs machines using this technique, it will take a while before you feel the need to use the final levels.
The little extra, for me, are the locations of the knees which fit the shape well. Here too you will find a monitor with the usual functions which will save you from having to count the number of exercises or having to measure the time.

As I told you, it’s the little details that differ from one sit-up gear to another that make one prefer one or the other. in any case, it is one of the best abs machines and guarantees efficient work that will satisfy both beginners and demanding athletes.

VITALmaxx 02678 Abdominal and Cardio Trainer "Fitmaxx5" | Abs Trainer | Home Trainer | Fitness Trainer
  • We'll get you fit! Recommended by fitness coach Detlef D! Soost & Kate Hall
  • Fitness device for anybody - beginners and advanced users
  • Trains almost the whole body
  • Trains almost the whole body


8- Tobaling Abdominal Wheel – The best quality price abdominal wheel

KK Miler Adult Fitness Belly Trainer Abdominal Roller Wheel Exerciser Workout


For those who are not fond of this technique, the abdominal wheels all look a bit alike but in fact there are a multitude of them, all with different qualities. Insofar as the concept remains basic, manufacturers are forced to compete in ingenuity to stand out from each other … to our greatest pleasure.

Here, what I like is the large wheel flexible enough to accompany the movement smoothly .

The internal carbon brake also allows better management of climbs and descents and thus avoid hurting your back, which can happen when you are not used to it.
The handles are curved and non-slip, for more comfort.

As the wheel is curved, you can easily make lateral movements to work well the entire abdominal belt. Finally, it is of course delivered with the mat to place the knees, however it is quite thick and comfortable.

I will not say that it is a cheap abs machine but given the materials used and its strength, the price remains quite reasonable.


9- Ultrasport Ultra 150 Curved Power Ab – Abdominal stimulator

Ultrasport Abdominal Trainer Ultra 150 Power AB Trainer, Muscle Trainer with Knee Pad, Foldable Fitness Device with Training Computer, 4-Way Adjustable, Targeted ab Training


Here is one of the latest abdominal machines from our selection.

Again, although it is at the top , it differs from others only by the comfort it provides and remains among the best effective abs machines. Let’s say that with these three abdominal weight training machines presented, if one does not suit you for some reason, you can choose another that more meets your expectations.

First of all, it only measures 128 x 54 x 16cm when folded. 16 cm thick, which means that they fit under almost any furniture or bed.

As always, this abs machine offers work on the back, arms, abs, hips, buttocks and legs while combining cardio-training and weight training and thus help to obtain a flat stomach.

It’s the incline setting that determines the difficulty but again, it will take hard work to earn the final levels. Users start to feel the effects after 3 weeks at a rate of 5min per day and still without straining the back.

The small flaw of this machine for working the abs is perhaps the pads on the arms that we would have liked a little bigger and thicker but it’s still reasonable and each user has their preferences .

The trolley is very flexible and slides really well as for the monitor, no surprises: movements / minute, duration and calories expended. If it is difficult to decide between the 3 abs machines presented, the concept is undoubtedly excellent, the price always affordable and real results are waiting for you.

Ultrasport Abdominal Trainer Ultra 150 Power AB Trainer, Muscle Trainer with Knee Pad, Foldable Fitness Device with Training Computer, 4-Way Adjustable, Targeted ab Training
  • Training for back, arm, hips, tummy, bum and leg combined in one exercise
  • Combine cardio training and muscle build-up - burn fat and at the same time tone the bod
  • Suitable for all fitness levels: individually select the level of fitness that you would like to train at – easy run roller system
  • Training computer with LC-display: repetitions/minute, time, calorie counter
  • Easily stowed away after the training: dimensions folded approx. 50.4 x 2 x 6.3 inches (128 x 54 x 16 cm)


10- Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro – The Best compact Abdominal Wheel

Perfect Fitness 311076 AB Carver Pro Ultrawide Wheel - Black, Size 1


I would be remiss if I finished this article without showing you the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro abdominal wheel . I’ll even have to talk about an abdo roll . Of course, the technique of the wheel is always the same, but precisely, if you are one of its followers, you know that a good wheel can make all the difference.

This is not a cheap abdominal wheel but a high-end abs machine  with great features. The wheel is ultra wide and domed, giving you excellent stability but also working lateral exercises with oblique abs.

It has a kinetic engine with springs and turbo-compressor in carbon to modify the resistance both in descent and ascent which makes it accessible even to beginners.

Its inclined, non-slip handles offer a very good grip. And the knee mat is of course provided. To each his own wheel, you might say, but it would be a shame not to try this one.

Perfect Fitness 311076 AB Carver Pro Ultrawide Wheel - Black, Size 1
  • Ultra-wide ab roller with built-in resistance and ergonomic handles to help maximize results of ab roll-out exercises
  • Interior kinetic engine uses a carbon steel spring to provide resistance and  amplify abdominal and arm workout
  • Ultra-wide wheel tread offers  stability when carving left, right or center for targeted work on obliques
  • Ergonomic hand grips are angled to activate arm and core muscles; handles are removable for easy storage and transport
  • Includes high-density foam kneepad for superior comfort; downloadable 21-day workout plan; 1-year manufacturer warranty


Conclusion: Which abdo device to choose?

Best Abs Machines To conclude, I would be tempted to say that many foldable abs machines look alike but that is only in appearance, when several machines use the same technique, they necessarily seem to look alike while many differences can set them apart.

In this case, we have made a selection among the best abs machines , and tried to present this little comparison to you, knowing that the essential differences are subjective. Such a user will be comfortable with one rather than another and vice versa.

Abdo wheel or abdo roller, should you also plan to work the arms, glutes, back muscles with an exercise bike or an elliptical trainer ?

Generally most of the abs machines combine a gluteal abs action always for a flat stomach and a good slimming result. They are also cheaper to buy and take up less space, hence the importance of being well informed, especially by going to commercial sites to compare customer reviews and find the device that is right for you.

Whether you are looking for a high-end machine or a cheap abs machine, you are bound to find the perfect fit among these top 10 best handpicked abs machines.

Abdominal bodybuilding machine

I’ve always wanted an ab fitness machine but be careful, a machine to do abs without hurting my back and which allows me to have a flat stomach.

There are no miracle and easy solutions, you have to work to have firm muscles under the abdominal fat and not to be afraid of exposing your belly to the swimming pool or the beach.

If you have a belly with a few bulges and you are not overweight, then you are lacking in physical activity and you need to get into cardio and abs equipment.

Alternatives to abs machines

Apart from the classic abdominal machines, there are abdominal belts for the less courageous, the less athletic or just the busiest. However, abdominal belts are recommended in addition to an abdominal device to obtain faster results. An abdominal belt alone does not bring sufficient results.

Customer Reviews

It is important to compare customer reviews before purchasing an abdominal machine. Still haven’t found the abdominal machine of your dreams?
Click here to see the customer reviews of our favorite model.