Elliptical Trainers for Home

Top 12 Best Elliptical Trainers for Home

Elliptical trainers have long been dedicated to gyms and devices considered premium expensive and bulky.

Today you can find it at all prices and you can have your own to tone your muscles at home.

Like treadmills, an elliptical trainer allows you to exercise without impact on the joints and here is our favorite elliptical trainer in terms of quality price and of a proven brand.

If the benefits of the elliptical trainer are no longer to be demonstrated: cardio, health, weight loss, etc … I wanted to go around the question and especially to share with you the 12 best elliptical trainers of the moments in order to be more confortable with this machine which has become popular in homes.

With such price differences for a product initially reserved for professionals, aren’t there any pitfalls to avoid to the General public?

I have put together for you this comparison of the best elliptical trainers accessible to individuals to present them to you and help you get your own opinion.

The 12 Best Ellipticals for home

The main thing is to go around the devices that work in order to give you the possibility of losing belly, losing weight quickly and having a beautiful athletic line without false advertising or eccentric innovations. The ellipticals bareback represent 95% of the models.

Here is the ranking of elliptical trainers. The first devices presented.

Current bestsellers:


1- TecTake 2 in 1 cross trainer – The cheapest elliptical trainer (the cheapest of the “correct” devices)

TecTake Cross Trainer, 2 in 1 Elliptical Fitness Bike Cross Trainers with LCD Monitor, 4 Programmes, Adjustable Resistane Exercise Machine for Home Gym, Maximum Weight 100 kg

Two points caught my attention: its price, because it is a cheap elliptical trainer and its seat.

First impression which is confirmed with use, let’s be honest, it does its job well or rather it will make you work well but its low price also indicates that the manufacturer had to make sacrifices. There is for example a small basic screen.

It seems that most elliptical trainers start to squeak pretty quickly, if you listen to music with headphones it will work, but don’t expect to enjoy your favorite soap opera while building your muscles. It’s sturdy but you’ll still have to be careful if you want to make it last.

It is also quite heavy: 53 lbs but this is generally a constant with elliptical trainers.
The monitor provides the basic functions; workout time / duration, speed, distance, total distance, calorie consumption. The assembly which must be careful under penalty of damaging certain parts.

The cross trainer is the cheapest elliptical trainer recommended.

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2 – ISE Elliptical SY-9002 – A cheap space-saving elliptical trainer

Do not expect to do the same exercises as of a large indoor elliptical trainer ! But, for an apartment model it enjoys excellent value for money and its users would not want to change it as it is silent.

It has a screen with 5 essential functions: Time, Speed, Distance, Calories and scan.
It is robust and stable in use (users up to 330 lbs) and offers an honorable challenge.

The weight of 60 lbs does not prevent it from being stored to save space (it is equipped with mini wheels) and its instructions are quite simple to follow, allow at least an hour to assemble it.


3 – Klarfit Myon Cross – excellent value for money

KLAR FIT Myon Cross - Elliptical Bike, 8-Level Resistance, Premium Flywheel, Tablet Holder, Belt Training, Heart Rate Sensor, Metal Frame

Available in black, it imposes aesthetically and looks pro although having a controlled price.

The low price does not hide anything, it is robust, keeps its promises but be careful with the assembly because it could very quickly become noisy if you miss an operation but if you know how to tinker a minimum and maintain it, no worries.

It has 8 levels of resistance and a mass of inertia of 26 lbs which allows any casual user to do the exercise that suits him.

I might blame him for a fairly limited range of motion that could displease the older ones and the inclination of the pedals which force them to find the right position.
As with this type of device, do not expect to assemble it in less than an hour.

Otherwise, it’s a good buy with very good value for money.
It measures 175 x 138 x 62 cm in use for 50 lbs and has wheels for easy movement. Suitable for users weighing up to 265 lbs. The monitor offers basic functions and a tablet support allows you to put your tablet to watch a series or other.

There are sometimes momentary ruptures on this model because it is selling well.

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4 – Klarfit Ellifit FX 250 cross trainer – a compact elliptical trainer with a good reputation

Another entry-level elliptical trainer with good value for money and a good reputation .

The advantage of this elliptical trainer is perhaps its small size (55 x 150 x 85 cm for a floor area of 85 x 55 cm) and its wheels to easily move its 55 lbs.
It supports up to 243 lbs.

It’s sturdy and if once again it doesn’t offer the amplitude of indoor elliptical trainers, it’s perfectly fine. Again the seller is perhaps a little optimistic by indicating 25 minutes of assembly, rather plan an hour but the assembly remains simple.
In any case, those who adopt it are happy with it and the seller responds to requests and follows up. It is a compact entry-level elliptical trainer that is practical when space is limited.


5 – Bh Fitness Quick G233N – Mid-range magnetic elliptical trainer

Bh Fitness Cross Trainer Quick Elliptical Trainer, White/Black/Blue, Unica

Bh Fitness Cross Trainer Quick Elliptical Trainer, White/Black/Blue, Unica
  • Robust elliptical trainer with 8 kg flywheel mass.
  • Easy selection of resistance level thanks to the manual magnetic brake system.
  • Inseam: 36 cm
  • Pedal distance: 18 cm.
  • Informative LCD monitor shows time, speed, distance, calories and pulse.

An elliptical trainer from BH Fitness, a manufacturer we have seen many times in our reviews, this time with a magnetic resistance and an 18 lbs flywheel.

If the dimensions of 100 x 61 x 144 cm remain completely standard, its indicated weight of 84 lbs will not allow it to be moved at will. I therefore recommend it more to people who have a space dedicated to sport.

Regarding its use, the strides are 36 cm for a pedal spacing of 18cm and it accepts users up to 243 lbs of course.
Here, we arrive at the mid-range, with a product halfway between the “little ones” and the professional elliptical trainers of gyms.

Its monitor is classic, with the processing of essential data.
For the price, we would have liked the assembly to be a little easier and faster, but it is not prohibitive either. Check its availability because recently it has fallen out of stock several times.

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6 – Elitum MX350 elliptical trainer – an elliptical trainer that gives satisfaction

The Elitum MX350 elliptical trainer is another mid-range elliptical trainer that  caught my attention for its functions which are starting to develop but also for its satisfaction .

I won’t say it’s a cheap elliptical trainer, but the value for money is still quite competitive.

Its on-board computer offers 8 resistance levels which are enriched with a complete screen and a 22 lbs inertia wheel to find exercise according to your level.
As always, it accepts tall users with a max user weight of 275 lbs and weighs 368 lbs.


7 – Capital Sports Helix Track – real qualities

Capital Sports proves us here that it is present on all ranges with this mid-range elliptical trainer which has real advantages .

This t quality device is magnetic and offers 32 levels of intensity. Its dimensions are 63 x 160 x 124 cm (WxHxD) for a weight of 84 lbs which will be compensated by its wheels.

The LCD console is backlit and sufficient to vary exercises and optimize them with real-time feedback. It also offers a tactile pulsometer on mobile sleeves and a control of the fat mass.


The following 5 machines are all quiet elliptical trainers.

8- Sportstech cx625 Cross Trainer – A silent elliptical trainer

Sportstech CX625 Elliptical Elliptical Bike with Ergometer Compatible with Smartphone App, 24kg Flyweight Training with Street View, 22 Fitness Programs with HRC Function, Tablet Holder, CX625

With this cross trainer, we reach the top of the range for a reasonable price if we take into account its performance.

53 lbs inertia with silent system and front wheel drive belt. The resistance level is controlled by 24-step computer and motorized magnetic braking system.

It offers a wide variety of programs with 22 pre-programmed training sessions + manual mode + training measured in watts + HRC 4x function + cardio training – pulse belt (optional) compatible for heart rate training.

It accepts sturdy users with a weight of 265 lbs and measures 1410 x 165 x 650 cm which begins to resemble professional elliptical trainers . The pedals are adjustable and it has a bottle holder.

The monitor is obviously flawless.

It’s good value for money and users aren’t disappointed to read the reviews on Amazon.

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9 – Sportstech CX2 – a top-of-the-range elliptical trainer

Sportstech CX2 Ergometer Elliptical Bike with Smartphone App Control. Inertia Weight: 27 kg; Bluetooth; Resistance Levels, Compatible with Heart-Rate Monitor, 12 Training Programs, CX2 compatible avec application

This CX2 magnetic elliptical trainer with LCD console with 24 resistors and several programs is a high-end product offered by Sportstech and which is unanimous .

this time it accepts tall athletes up to 265 lbs and holds more of an indoor elliptical trainer than an exercise bike, hence its large size and weight: (LxWxH) – 142 x 62 x 171 cm.

Its design allows efficient training of the most demanding with its inertia of 60 lbs, its magnetic braking system and its console which focuses on the essential: time, speed, distance, calories and pulse. Not to spoil anything, it is easy to assemble and quiet.

There is no point in saying more, it is a risk free purchase .

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The next 3 machines are high-end, heavy-duty ellipticals.

10 – Skandika CardioCross Carbon Pro – Professional elliptical cross trainer for intensive use

A top-of-the-range elliptical  trainer which is hardly surprising with skandika.
53 lbs inertia mass with computer assisted magnetic braking system .

19 Programs + pulse measurement, recovery program
Blue Backlit backlit LCD console with Time, Speed, Distance, Calories and pulse display.

Its characteristics are not disproportionate for a pro model: 158 x 60 x 117 cm for 154 lbs
It offers beautiful strides up to 51 cm with great comfort of working in silence and will satisfy a wide range of users up to 320 lbs.
And to continue this good impression, it folds up and stows away thanks to its wheels.

This elliptical trainer is very successful.


11 – NordicTrack C7.5 – Best Brand Elliptical Trainer

NordicTrack Ellipticals C 5.5 and C 7.5,Black

NordicTrack Ellipticals C 5.5 and C 7.5,Black
  • Features: Effective Inertia of 9 kg, 22 resistance levels
  • Comfort: silent magnetic braking, motorised adjustable ramp from 0 to 20 Degree, fan, tablet holder (tablet not included), bottle holder, ergonomic pedals and handles
  • Programmes: 26 pre-recorded programmes, iFIT cardio - Bring Home Interactive Personal Training powered by iFIT, 30-Day iFIT membership included; Access live, studio, and global workouts
  • Convenience: 5-inch backlit display; easy to store = transport wheels
  • Interactivity: mp3 connection, loudspeakers, Dual-Grip EKG system: pulse measurement; USB port; AC Adapter

I chose to finish this comparison with the C7.5 from NordicTrack, a high-end manufacturer that is no longer to present.

It is the best brand of elliptical trainer for home use and an elliptical trainer with the wheel in the front.

Nothing has been left to chance in order to justify a price which is starting to be high even if it is considerably less expensive than an indoor elliptical trainer.

Before looking at its performance, we will note that it has a patented design  and it is a success.
With iFit compatibility, his computer turns into a real sports coach (400 videos) and thanks to its motorized incline of up to 20%, it can offer you to simulate real routes.

I was also seduced by its comfort: silent magnetic braking, adjustable step length from 44 to 48 cm, motorized tilting ramp 0-20 °, bottle holder, “snap Assembly”: easy and quick assembly.
In all cases, you can easily feel that you are dealing with an elliptical trainer that combines robustness and technology, and also its 26 programs.

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12 – Bluefin Fitness CURV 3.0 – elliptical cross trainer with rear wheel

Bluefin Fitness CURV 3.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer | Home Gym | Exercise Step Machine | Air Walker | Long-Stride | LCD Digital Fitness Console | Bluetooth | Smartphone App | Black & Grey Silver

Bluefin Fitness CURV 3.0 Elliptical Cross Trainer | Home Gym | Exercise Step Machine | Air Walker | Long-Stride | LCD Digital Fitness Console | Bluetooth | Smartphone App | Black & Grey Silver
  • WHISPER QUIET FLUID MOTION: The heavy duty 14kg flywheel & silent drive system are completely self-powering & includes a safe magnetic braking facility that allows you to come to a halt with total ease.
  • IN-BUILT TRAINING PROGRAMS: The cross-trainer computer is pre-loaded with 12 x automatic programs to choose from + 16 x manual levels of resistance. Stroll at pace, or step things up a notch & simulate cross-country sprints.
  • LOW IMPACT, HIGH-INTENSITY: The Curv Elliptical Cross Trainer is a fantastic alternative to a traditional exercise bike & offers a low impact cardio exercise that is kind on your joints & full of great health benefits.
  • INTEGRATED SMARTPHONE APP: The elliptical trainer is compatible with the E-Health fitness app so you can track & record your workout in real-time. Place your mobile device on the eye-level tablet shelf / stand provided.
  • LCD DISPLAY: Measure time, distance, calories burned & pulse rate on the backlit multifunctional LCD display. Push yourself even more & work towards targets to achieve your fitness goals.

Bluefin offers us here a real top-of-the-range elliptical trainer as found in a fitness club (with rear wheel).

Silent magnetic system with 14 kg flywheel and long strides. Reduced distance between large non-slip pedals allowing smooth and natural movements. 162 x 65 x 169 cm for a max user weight of 120 kg.

Electronic screen with 12 predefined programs and 16 levels of resistance that allow you to define your goals.
The assembly is done in about 1 hour and the structure is solid and stable. This is what we are looking for for the price, beefy.
A high quality elliptical trainer that will satisfy the most demanding.

The good point is that it is equipped with a nice screen and a smartphone fitness app.

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Benefits of elliptical trainer

The elliptical trainer, like the rowing machines, works a lot of the muscles of the body and helps burn calories to lose weight.

Riding the elliptical trainer allows you to slim down the whole body including losing stomach, arms, legs, thighs and buttocks… More info in the video below.

How to use an elliptical trainer

Conclusion: Which elliptical trainer to choose?

Elliptical Trainers for Home In conclusion, I will insist on the importance of choosing the right elliptical trainer .

There are very good cheap elliptical trainers for home, but having covered the issue, I will focus more on a more expensive and above all silent elliptical trainer. Electronics will quickly find its importance too.

Some of these 12 elliptical machines are at the top, they do not disappoint, some sheap ellipticals are good too but with no real return over time.

It should be understood that an elliptical trainer is not intended for cardio training 5 minutes per day but rather to make you walk the roads for many miles, that you will spend time on your machine if you want to get one. real benefit. Programs give you objectives and are not gadgets.

Will you take the risk of a crush that will start to creak after 10 miles? Also think about the size of the strides and the amplitude of the movements which are the only guarantee to offer you a complete and natural work.

There is the elliptical bike with front or rear wheel. An elliptical trainer is usually magnetic resistance.

elliptical trainer price

Count 100 to 3000 euros for a correct device to buy an elliptical trainer worthy of the name. Buying an elliptical trainer will be less expensive.

What use and price

Count 100 to 3000 euros for an elliptical trainer but minimum 400 euros for a device worthy of the name. Buying an elliptical trainer on sale will be cheaper and there are sometimes good deals but they are rare.

For daily use, we recommend quality ellipticals such as the Sportstech CX625 which is good value for money.

The best ellipticals are relatively expensive but if you have the use, then it is better to think about your purchase and invest in a serious model  that will accompany you far and for a long time. Folding elliptical trainers are rare so consider reserving a dedicated usage space at home especially if you choose a bulky elliptical trainer.

However, if you are going to be doing the elliptical trainer every day, get a quality machine so that you don’t get limited too quickly by the machine itself.

Customer Reviews

It is important to compare customer reviews before purchasing an Elliptical Trainer. Still haven’t found the elliptical machine of your dreams?
Click here to see the customer reviews of our favorite model.