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Top 5 Best Home Sports Equipment

Want to play sports but no time to go to the gym? Here are the advice of Labo Fitness Magazine on the subject …

As I wanted to keep in shape and maintain myself physically, I enrolled in the gym 2 years ago. Unfortunately, after 2 months I already didn’t take the time to get there (I had a 20-minute drive and closer would perhaps have changed things). At the end, it is $ 550 that I spent for about 10 sessions. Ouch! $ 55 per session, I did not make the most of my subscription for 1 year.

Then, while visiting a friend, I noticed that she had an elliptical trainer in her house. I had seen it before but hadn’t really paid attention to it before. She told me that she bought it 1 year ago, and that she uses it every other day during her little girl’s nap.

After our discussion on the subject and after personal reflection, I decided to buy my own sports equipment for home . Yes but what to choose? Which sports device to choose? I don’t have a place like in a gym and I can’t afford to buy 3 or 4 different devices.

Here is the process of my thinking …

Which muscles do I want to work?

I would like to work my thighs, my buttocks, lose weight in my stomach and strengthen my arms. I wanted an effective home sports device, here is the result of my research after 3 days on the internet.

I show you the 5 best home gym equipment .

No time?

Best Home Sports Equipment

With my research, I identified the 5 best devices suitable for home and allowing you to work most of your body:

  1. The rower
  2. The elliptical trainer
  3. The exercise bike
  4. The treadmill
  5. The stepper

Playing sports regularly allows you to be more energetic, less tired, refines the silhouette and improves life expectancy.

  • Imagine building your muscles in 20 minutes / days from the comfort of your own home without having to ride 20 minutes to the gym.
  • Imagine not having to change your clothes to get to your device waiting for you in the next room.
  • Imagine putting your hands on your device without having your hands sticky with sweat from whoever came before you.
  • Imagine being stared at by people younger than you in the street …

Each device has advantages and disadvantages, but above all, the muscles are not used the same so here is my recap to help you develop your aesthetic.

Here is the ranking of the best home sports equipment . The number of available copies of my selection and the price may be limited, so don’t wait too long before you act.

1- Rower

Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rower with PM5 Monitor, Grey

A rowing machine is one of the best home sports equipment. It makes 80% of the body’s muscles work intensely. It is not my favorite device or the most popular device, but it is the most effective home exercise device for weight loss and for building whole body muscle. The rower is the device used by the majority of athletes in physical preparation.

Choosing the right rower can make all the difference, in fact, there are several resistance technologies available for sale. If you want a silent rower, take a magnetic rower, for real resistance, take air model, if want rowing experience, take a water model etc …

Count $ 300 to $ 1500 for a rower worth the money.

  • works the whole body
  • foldable, easy to store vertically
  • there are luxury water models, in solid wood
  • the first prices are inefficient
  • Movements requiring room for training
  • some models are noisy


2- Elliptical trainer


Elliptical trainer provides a movement halfway between a stepper and an exercise bike. Without any particular medical reason, 3/4 of users are women. Why? Because the elliptical trainer has been acclaimed for its movement which mainly works the thighs and buttocks for better curves (but also incidentally works the arms, calves and abs).

The elliptical trainer takes up floor space. remember to reserve a space for it at home because it is a device that is not easy to move. Also, consider choosing a model with on-screen programs to vary the effort.

Count at least $ 200 to acquire one at home.

  • firms thighs and buttocks
  • makes the whole body work a little
  • very stable device
  • preserves the joints
  • not very compact, requires space at home
  • do not bend


3- Exercise bike

Ultrasport F-Bike, bicycle trainer, exercise bike, foldable exercise bike, LCD display, opt. hand pulse sensors, adjustable resistance levels, easy to assemble, ideal for athletes and seniors.

Exercise bike is very popular anywhere in the world and they sell thousands of copies every week. They are appreciated for their low purchase cost and for the little space they take up. They are generally foldable.

Note that the exercise movement can be boring and only work the lower part of the body. Consider going upmarket by choosing an exercise bike with smoother pedaling with a heavier flywheel and a screen with integrated programs to vary the efforts.

  • compact and foldable: takes up little space
  • easy and safe exercises
  • allows you to read or watch TV at the same time
  • Low price: 100 to 200 dollars
  • Does not work the upper part of the body (except a little the abs)
  • boring for some people


4- Treadmill

Nero Sports - Electric Treadmill Foldable Motorized with KINOMAP ZWIFT Bluetooth connection 24 month warranty

Treadmill is another sports equipment very popular in gyms. The big advantage of this device is to be able to run all year round in all weathers , dry and warm. This exercise works the lower part of the body.

The treadmill is appreciated and adapted by everyone. The first price mats have small motors and small running belts only suitable for walking. If you want to run and fully benefit from the incline, alternating speed and damping, you will have to go upmarket.

Count from $ 500 for a treadmill to run.

  • allows you to run in any weather
  • inclination allows you to work your muscles differently
  • many programs
  • damping on the joints on some models
  • pliable
  • a high price due to the engine
  • takes up space on the floor
  • choose well so as not to be disappointed

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5- Stepper

Ultrasport Swing Stepper, home trainer stepper with training computer, up-down stepper for beginners and advanced users, small and compact stepper, swing stepper for leg and butt training

Stepper is one of the first sports equipment to have passed through the doors of apartments and single-family homes. It is an exercise that allows you to work the calves, thighs and buttocks.

The stepper, like the elliptical trainer, is mainly used by the fairer sex. For the price of jeans, you can strengthen your butt and thighs in minutes a day. As with any device, it is an exercise that gives results as long as it is used regularly.

Note: Some low-end steppers are not stable, choose a model that is heavy and wide enough.

Count on 25 to 150 dollars.

  • cheap
  • not bulky
  • not always stable
  • few functions

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Benefits of elliptical trainer

For my part, I chose an elliptical trainer . This is the Cardio Cross (the same as my friend) see it on Amazon. I chose an elliptical trainer because it is what best suits my needs. Just a small downside, it’s quite expensive and big, but I liked that its rail folds vertically to save a little space when I’m not using it.

Another reason, I don’t like running, so I dismissed the idea of a treadmill.

My goal was to have more shapely buttocks and slimmer legs and some abs too. I can achieve this by increasing the resistance of the device, which is very effective.

This model is suitable for large sizes and up to 145Kg (so I have room). I learned that the elliptical trainer was the principle of running but without impact on the joints, so in principle better for your health.

I find my model aesthetically clean and simple and I was reassured by the reviews left on Amazon at the bottom of the page.

Quick benefits of an elliptical

Conclusion: What is the best sports device for home?

In conclusion, I will insist on the importance of choosing the right home sports equipment .

There are no good or bad devices per se. A bad experience is often related to a low-end device and not to the exercise itself.

After this analysis of the pros and cons, I advise you to make your own idea of what you need. If you are here, you probably already have a preference but want more information.

Follow your instincts, this is important, remember that the goal of buying a sports device at home is above all to be motivated to do it and not to serve as a coat rack.

My advice, and certainly one of the most important, is to stay away from budget home sports equipment. Yes it is not expensive and it sounds interesting but in reality it is not really. Let me tell you that going up a bit will give you more comfort, more satisfaction, more options and a lot more motivation to use it.

Will you take the risk of a heart stroke that will start to creak after 2 months?

Think carefully about the size of the strides, the amplitude of the movements, and the safety which are guarantees to offer you a complete, natural work and to do it serenely.

The best sports equipment for home are the ones that work out what you use them for because they suit your needs. It is better to invest in a serious model that will accompany you for a long time. Think about your goal and take action to achieve it!

Also, if you are going to use your gym machine every day, get a quality one so that you don’t get limited by the gym machine too quickly.

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Customer Reviews

It is important to compare customer reviews to buy the best home gym equipment. Haven’t found the model of your dreams yet?
Click here to see the customer reviews of our favorite model.

Home cardio machine: popular sports machines

A complete home sports device is great and that’s what I needed. In this article there is mention of the best weight machine and home fitness equipment.

A homemade sports device is practical because you can do it whenever you want, even when baby is sleeping. No need to go out.

As space-saving complete weight training equipment, there is the exercise bike or the folding rowing machine, which are sports equipment for working the whole body without suffering.

The rowing machine is a sports device for losing weight that is unanimous in terms of home sports equipment. It is a must.