Best MTB Saddles

Top 10 Best MTB Saddles (Comfortable)

Why did I choose to present you the 10 best MTB saddles of the moment?

Because I took my mountain bike this summer to go on a long ride and guess what :

After 45 minutes I already had already a buttocks pain! My saddle was so thin and hard that I had to hang up a T-shirt with rubber bands later in the day to be able to complete the trail.

At the end of the day I had a burning sensation between my thighs. Was the sharp beak of my saddle the reason? After verification, it appears that this was the case.

After this mishap, I started looking for a new MTB saddle. After wasting $10 on a gel saddle that didn’t hold well, I finally replaced the original bike model by purchasing a new saddle for my MTB. I chose this TRK saddle (check on Amazon) .

So on a bike, the saddle is not a gadget, it is an essential element that must be taken into account carefully.

Top 10 Best MTB Saddles

Here is the ranking of the best MTB saddles I made during my research. Some models are less comfortable and cheap but overall they are all better than the ones (saddles) you already have. It’s up to you to see which design best matches your bike.

Current bestsellers:

1. IPSXP – a mountain bike saddle silicone gel

IPSXP Comfortable Bike Seat, Bicycle Saddle Padded Professional Waterproof Road Bike Saddle for Men, Women, Riding Bike, City Bike and MTB(Black and White)

mtb saddle also exists in red

IPSXP Comfortable Bike Seat, Bicycle Saddle Padded Professional Waterproof Road Bike Saddle for Men, Women, Riding Bike, City Bike and MTB(Black and White)
  • Your Best Bike Seat for Longer Rides - IPSXP bike saddle has an optimum profile that offers reasonable soft cushion at the sit bones for comfort and sufficiently long nose to allow free movement of thighs.
  • Shock Absorber Bicycle Seat For Men: Ergonomical designed seat with highly resilient polyurethane foam, has excellent shockproof to eliminate sit bone pain thoughout long time cycling. Support you to ride longer have a more enjoyable experience.
  • More Breathable - our bike saddle with hollow design Center cutout offers automatic relief and ventilation, helps relief the pressure points in your sensitive areas, and providing airflow and comfort during long rides.
  • Universal Replacement– rail system and mounting clamp allows easy installation on almost all standard seat posts. It is a perfect bicycle saddle replacement for mountain bike, road bike, kids bike, mini bike, etc.
  • WHAT YOU GET: 1× Bicycle seat,1×Bike Seat Mount,1×Waterproof Cover,2×Reflective Bands,2×Mounting Tools,1×User Manual

Its dimensions are compact and it is of course adaptable to all types of mountain bike.
It is available in 6 color variations. it’s great!
It’s a good, comfortable and very satisfying gel MTB saddle for a first price.



2. OUTERDO – an ergonomic bicycle saddle that prevents perineal pain

4 other colors

It has a classic saddle and weighs 330g, available in 5 color variations.
This ergonomic bicycle saddle is interesting because it is designed to avoid the perineal pain that can sometimes occur with certain saddles and its silicone gel guarantees good overall comfort.
Its users are satisfied with it.

It is exactly the same saddle as the IPSXP but under the Outerdo brand. Only the colors are different and the price.


3. Italia Man gel Flow MTB saddle – a simple and elegant MTB saddle

Selle Italia - Man Gel Flow, Soft Gel Bicycle Saddle with a Wide Seat with Anti-Vibration Technology and a Manganese Rail, Water Resistant - Black - L2

Selle Italia - Man Gel Flow, Soft Gel Bicycle Saddle with a Wide Seat with Anti-Vibration Technology and a Manganese Rail, Water Resistant - Black - L2
  • Bicycle saddles belonging to the Sportouring line of the Selle Italia brand, suitable for anyone seeking comfort, design and resistance of materials. Main requirements for everyday pedaling.
  • Padding: the combination of gel and a perforated full-grain leather cover make this saddle light, breathable and water-resistant
  • Technology: Shock Absorber system, an absorption system between body and frame that eliminates road vibrations, ensuring high seating comfort
  • Anatomical shape: its wide seat with a flat shape and the anatomical Flow cut make this saddle suitable for cyclists who need more space for their seat
  • Structure: the tubular bars in a Cromoly and Manganese alloy make the rails light and flexible, which easily adapt to any type of bike

This ITALIA MTB saddle weights nearly 315g is robust and comfortable, taking up the standards of racing models.
This saddle is comfortable on the road but if you want to get off the beaten track you might find it hard. After the saddles Italia have their aficionados, it’s up to you.



4. SGODDE gel  MTB saddle – a simple and stylish MTB saddle

This SGODDE MTB saddle with gel, weights nearly 451g is a small price for a correct comfort.
This saddle comes as a bonus with a saddle cover to protect it from the rain. It’s good value for money for small budgets for occasional outings.


5. YOUNGDO double springs – a shock absorber MTB saddle

Bike Seat, YOUNGDO Bicycle Saddle Comfortable Soft Wide Road Bike Gel Saddles, Breathable Mountain Bike Seat, Suitable for MTB Mountain Bike, Folding Bike, Road Bike, Spinning Bike, Exercise Bikes

Bike Seat, YOUNGDO Bicycle Saddle Comfortable Soft Wide Road Bike Gel Saddles, Breathable Mountain Bike Seat, Suitable for MTB Mountain Bike, Folding Bike, Road Bike, Spinning Bike, Exercise Bikes
  • 🚴‍【Soft and Abrasion Resistant】: The surface of the YOUNGDO bicycle saddle is made of PU leather and is therefore more resistant to wear, scratch, slip and comfort. The inside of the seat is filled with soft, high-density gel foam, giving the...
  • 🚴‍【Double Breathable】: The surface of the bicycle seat features non-slip honeycomb ventilation holes to increase the ventilation of the saddle. In addition, the hollow structure in the middle of the bike saddle increases air circulation and also...
  • 🚴‍【Superior Shock Absorption】: The 2 shock-absorbing spring balls on the bottom of this seat and the bridged shock absorbing design greatly improve stability when riding at high speeds and on complex roads, making it easier for you to combat...
  • 🚴‍【Ergonomic Design】: The ergonomically designed seat allows for a natural forward riding position and reduces pressure on the human back. The narrow front and wide rear padded contact surface design reduces thigh friction and improves comfort...
  • 🚴‍【Easy Installation and Excellent After-sales Service】: The MTB bike saddle comes with a waterproof cover and 2 special spanners, making it extremely easy to install and remove. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to...

This comfortable foam MTB saddle will satisfy tall users and weights 500g.
As always with yOUNGDO, the ergonomics take into account the weak points of our anatomy and the spring damping is as effective as on a gel saddle.
The reflective headband on the back will keep you safe and late in the day. Bonus: there is a rain cover.
Its users recommend this shock absorber saddle .



6. TentHome – a stylish and comfortable brown leather bicycle saddle

Despite the clean line of this brown leather bike saddle reminiscent of racing saddles, this saddle is lightly padded to adapt to mountain biking and its brown leather gives it a vintage charm that some appreciate.
Size: 27.8 x 15.9 for 400 g
Its users are happy with it and recommend it.


7. Selle Royal Respiro Athletic – a comfortable long distance MTB saddle

Selle Royal Respiro Relaxed Soft Saddle - Black, 25.6 x 22.7 cm

Selle Royal Respiro Relaxed Soft Saddle - Black, 25.6 x 22.7 cm
  • Measures 256 mm length by 227 mm width
  • Manganese rails reduce weight compared to normal saddle rails
  • Ventilation channel: relieves pressure on the area system while reducing uncomfortable perspiration
  • A patented clip system positioned at the rear of the saddle for easy attachment of a light or saddle bag

Another comfortable silicone gel long distance MTB saddle that seems to deliver on its promises and satisfies its users.
Designed for mountain biking, it has a coating that provides good support and its comfort allows you to go off-road in good conditions.



8. Shockproof Design MTB saddle – a wide saddle

Hokonui New Anti-shock Mountain Bike Saddle Wide Big Bum Extra Comfort Soft Pad Saddle Seat with Elbow Fixed Frame Design , Perfect for Men/Women Cyclists

Its atypical design may surprise but its users have adopted it.
The absence of a saddle “nose” removes the pressure on the nerve areas and frees the blood circulation .
This wide saddle is covered with high density shockproof foam which guarantees real comfort even on stones.
To get the most out of it, you have to forget what you thought you knew about saddles and adapt to their lack of a “nose”, but the gain in comfort is real and the drawbacks of conventional saddles are quickly forgotten. It could be one of the best MTB saddles but you have to get used to the noseless end .



9. MTB Saddle SMP – a comfortable mountain bike seat

Selle SMP Extra Saddle, Men's, Extra, black

5 other colors

Selle SMP Extra Saddle, Men's, Extra, black
  • Durable svt (smp vacuum tech) synthetic cover
  • Soft polyurethane padding for added comfort
  • Nylon 12 filled with carbon fiber shell with anatomic central cutout design for pressure-relief
  • Steel rails compatible with most seat posts
  • Dimensions/weight: 275 x 140 mm (lxw)/395 grams

Its characteristics are 454 g and its comfort is not questioned in the context of mountain biking.
It is available in 6 colors .
Most of the users are satisfied with it even if it does not seem to suit everyone but it is the recurring problem with these accessories, not everyone has the same anatomy.



10. TRK Gel SMP – a comfortable long distance saddle

SELLE SMP Trk Gel Saddle, Black, Medium

SELLE SMP Trk Gel Saddle, Black, Medium
  • For trekking, city, touring and rail helps great resistance to stress and vibration absorption capacity
  • Weight : 485g Dimensions : 6.5 x 17.5 x 26 cm
  • Padding : Soft Polyurethane + GEL
  • Body : co-polymer polyurethane
  • Cover : SVT, Frame : steel

This men’s gel bicycle saddle  is unanimous among its happy owners for both its comfort and its ergonomics.
We regret its weight of 499g which is not a problem at all for amateur use but which is a bit heavy to consider for competition.
In all cases, whether for long distance mountain biking or cross country mountain biking , it will give satisfaction.

This is the men’s MTB saddle that we recommend for long distances.



The TRK MTB saddle also comes with a women’s version :

Selle SMP TRK Gel Saddle - Black, Large

Selle SMP TRK Gel Saddle - Black, Large
  • For trekking, city, touring
  • Weight : 500g Dimensions : 272 x 177mm
  • Padding : Soft Polyurethane + GEL
  • Body : co-polymer polyurethane
  • Cover : SVT, Frame : steel

This is a real progress because the saddles are essentially unisex with a strong male tendency and we sometimes forget that the female and male anatomy differs, This female MTB saddle is ideal for solving all the problems related to friction, compressions and overheating for give Madame the comfort she deserves.



11. Sellotto Freccia – a MTB saddle for prostate problems

ISM PM2.0 Performance Mountain, Black

ISM PM2.0 Performance Mountain, Black
  • ISM saddles are engineered to ensure health, comfort, and performance for all types of cyclists
  • Recommended by therapists and physiotherapists prologues, doctors, and specialist

Its price and aesthetics immediately tell us that this MTB saddle is not like the others and indeed it is not. Designed to prevent prostate problems, numbness , prostatitis and urinary sphincter disorders.

This MTB prostate saddle is recommended by urologists.

It has a two years warranty and benefits from a design taking into account comfort and health. The saddle is optimized with 2 rails, foam and gel and finds its place for medium duration outings. Possibility of triathlon or mountain biking even if there are no ideal MTB saddles strictly speaking for the prostate. Just adaptations.



Which MTB saddle to choose and how to choose your MTB saddle?

I would like to tell you which one to choose, but the answer may suit some readers and others not.

Each cyclist has their preferences and  sensitivities , essentially dictated by their morphology and technique.
As you could see in this comparison of the best MTB saddles, first price saddles give complete satisfaction while other people have chosen a top of the range saddle 10 times more expensive!

Because any athlete will tell you: comfort is an essential element of good sports practice . Comfort does not only allow you to maintain a good posture in order to take care of the back and the joints, it has a direct effect on performance. And above all, it acts on pleasure and allows you to practice your favorite sport so that it is and remains enjoyable.

In any case, if I have a piece of advice to give you is never to look at the price (even the most expensive are affordable), the saddle is an essential part of the bike  and the best is the one you will choose. You need a comfortable MTB saddle for long distances, with springs if you go on stony paths, a saddle in the color of your bike, a top of the range if you want to be sure to have the best … is the only element that should motivate your purchase.

I chose halfway between design, comfort, color and price. So I chose the TRK . She is beyond my expectations 🙂

Check my Favorite saddle


Lightweight Carbon MTB Saddle

Update: I add the Carbon MTB saddles on demand.

Indeed, I did not initially choose a carbon saddle model because they are not intended to be comfortable but rather to be a light mountain bike saddle and sought after especially for racing bikes.

Prices range from 12 to 40 dollars, they are aesthetically very different and some models are for mountain biking. I would recommend the RXL SL carbon saddle, which is still comfortable in addition to being light and which exists in nearly 10 colors and designs.

What an ultra comfortable bike saddle

The best mountain bike saddle is a comfort mountain bike saddle. That’s basically what it takes. A gel mountain bike saddle is not really great insofar as it hurts the buttocks quickly.

There is also the enduro mountain bike saddle specially designed to have a comfortable mountain bike saddle.

We also decided to find an ultra comfortable women’s bike saddle. The choice between a comfort gel bike saddle (silicone or other) is a personal opinion. It is not possible to agree on this point but all cyclists want a super comfortable bicycle saddle and it can depend on the sensitivity of each one.

Variant to mountain bike saddles

Aside from buying a gel topper, the best long-distance road bike saddle is a new, better-padded comfortable saddle that provides comfort thanks to its construction shape. The ideal being that it is light so as not to weigh down the bike for the exercises.

women’s mtb saddle

Which model to choose? Women want a comfortable bicycle saddle, it’s a primary need, no one wants to have pain in the buttocks after 10 km. Some brands offer saddles specially adapted to the female morphology.