Best Rowers

The 12 Best Rowers (by Price) – Comparative Reviews and Guide

Did you know that the rower is the most complete cardio machine?

Yes because 80% of the body’s muscles are used (back, shoulders, biceps, lower back, abs, thighs, buttocks, calves)! Resulting in greater energy expenditure than the exercises of endurance on elliptical bikes, exercise bikes or even abs devices .

In addition, being overweight is not a handicap to begin with because there is no impact on the joints.

In this guide, we pay attention to the best rowers ( here is the best ). This guide consists of classifying the 16 best rowers by price and by type of resistance to help you in your decision making.

This page is updated weekly by adding new models and removing rowers that are permanently out of stock. So by reading this post you will find up to date information.

If you are looking for an apartment Rower, keep in mind during your research that there are multitudes of different sizes, options and prices. As always, the better quality devices are the most expensive and they are worth the price in most cases.

There are also more affordable rowers with interesting options that are good compromises in terms of value for money. Finally, there are entry-level rowers with a limited number of features available at a price of around a hundred dollars.

What will you learn?

Ranking of the Best Rowers by Price

We present only the best rowing machines currently available on the market. This guide presents rowers by price.

Current bestsellers:

Best Rowers from $ 50 to $ 200 (1 model)

While a price usually reflects the features of the device, the good news is that you can buy a cheap rower that can meet your needs. However, do not expect to receive a high quality device under 200 dollars. If you plan to train regularly and seriously, you will need to choose a top quality device.

While these rowers are of basic quality and equipment, they can meet the simple need of training occasionally for a few hours a week. This price range is ideal for small budgets who want to own a rower and maintain their health from the comfort of their home or apartment.

While the devices below are not the best rowing machine choices on the market, they may meet the needs of acquiring a cheap rower.

N°1: Body Sculpture BR3010

Body Sculpture BR3010 Rower and Gym | Adjustable Resistance | Built-in-Gym | Folds | Free DVD | Track Your Progress | More, Red / Black, One Size


The Body Sculpture BR3010 Rowing Machine is a perfect entry-level device on a budget for regular or occasional short workouts at home.

This rower is foldable and has an adjustable resistance. It is easy to use and therefore suitable for individuals looking for a rower to train at home. The Body Sculpture BR3010 rowing machine is equipped with a silent fixed brake system.

Whether you train in your apartment, on your terrace or in your house, this rowing machine adapts to any space with its dimensions: 185 x 43.5 x 65 cm and can withstand a load of up to 243 lbs. When not in use, the Body Sculpture rower folds up and easily stows away in a corner.

This rowing machine is also equipped with a small practical screen, simple and gathering all the necessary information concerning your sports exercises. It displays the time, the number of calories, the number of movements performed and the scan function.

With the Body Sculpture BR3010 rowing machine, fluidity and precision are essential. Very robust and massive, it impresses with its size and exceptional performance. The Body Sculpture BR3010 rowing machine fulfills all of these needs. And as its name suggests, it is used to refine your silhouette or preserve an ideal silhouette.

The strong points of the Body Sculpture BR3010

  • The screen is practical, simple and contains all the necessary information
  • Fixed resistance
  • Takes up little space, compact rower.
  • Dimensions : 185 x 43,5 x 65 cm
  • Rowing and stretching function
  • Effective whole body workout
  • suitable for large sizes
  • max user weight up to 243 lbs
  • Good non-professional model
  • Cheap rowing machine
  • Warranty 1 year

Body Sculpture BR3010 Rower and Gym | Adjustable Resistance | Built-in-Gym | Folds | Free DVD | Track Your Progress | More, Red / Black, One Size
  • ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE: There are 3 tension cords on the rower which can be set to low, medium or high resistance
  • BUILT-IN GYM: The built-in gym is perfect for muscle toning and can be used to strengthen the arms, chest, shoulders, lats and abs. The 2-in-1 nature of this rower ensures you receive a versatile fully body workout with every use.
  • FOLDS FOR EASY STORAGE: The BR3010 is easily foldable, this is perfect for those who are limited on free space within their homes.
  • FREE DVD: A free complimentary instructional DVD is included to help you get accustomed and settled in with your new rower. You'll be a pro before you know it.
  • SECURE FOOTPLATES: The large pivoting footplates have velcro straps to keep your feet comfortably and firmly planted in place throughout your workout.

Best Rowers from $ 200 to $ 500 (5 models selected)

While treadmills have few options under $ 500, it is quite another thing for rowers. For this price range, whether you are a beginner with little experience or an intermediate level wishing to equip yourself with a complementary fitness device, you will find satisfaction in these 2 cases. For more intensive use, turn to a rower over $ 500.

The best choice in the $ 200-500 range is the V-fit Air Tornado. It is one of the cheapest rowers in this range and yet one of the most efficient. Air rowers allow more intense and varied exercises than hydraulic and magnetic models. Then comes the BH Fitness Boston which is the best magnetic rower in the range.

While in our opinion these 2 rowers are our top 2 picks of devices under $ 500, there are other models worth considering.

N°1: V-fit Air Tornado

V-fit Tornado Air Rower,black, silver and orange


One of the best rowing machines available in its range, the V-Fit Air Tornado is perfect for any type of training, especially for weight training and fitness.

The V-Fit Air Tornado is an ideal rower for both amateurs and intermediates who want to improve their athletic performance.

This rower belongs to the category of air rowers, in fact the resistance of the wheel depends essentially on the power exerted by the user on the handle. As a result, the V-Fit Air Tornado gives you the freedom to adjust power and resistance.

Air resistance offers a different experience from other rowers. (Water, hydraulic or magnetic rowers).

Thanks to very comfortable pedals, this device allows you to comfortably adjust your feet to be well installed and always remain stable during your workout.

The V-Fit Air Tornado will adapt to all your needs and goals!

Made of aluminum, the V-Fit Air Tornado is rather light compared to other rowers and weighs only 42 lbs. Thanks to its great resistance, this device is able to support a weight of up to 1254 lbs

The material of the handles is also very soft and the handles have been designed to be non-slip.

But that’s not all ! Simple, ergonomic and practical for any type of training, the V-Fit Air Tornado is 212 cm long, 44 cm wide and 74 cm high which makes training possible whatever your size.

This rower is foldable which allows easy movement and storage. With folded dimensions of 120 x 44 x 75 cm you won’t need to hide this unit in the basement or attic.

The V-Fit Air Tornado is sold with a 12 month warranty

The strong points of the V-Fit Air Tornado rower

  • Excellent value
  • The V-Fit Air Tornado is with long extension arms suitable for taller sizes
  • Easy-to-use screen with 6 training functions
  • Transport wheels on the front frame
  • Large, comfortable swivel pedals

V-fit Tornado Air Rower,black, silver and orange
  • Club style, speed proportionate air resistance chain drive rower with canted, wide reach row bar
  • Contoured polyurethan anatomically designed seat with bearing mounted upper and lower seat guide rollers
  • Pivoting, oversize PVC footplates with two-position mount and adjustable velcro style footstraps
  • Three-screen, six-function exercise monitor
  • Maximum user weight is 115 kg

N°2: Sportstech RSX400

Sportstech RSX400 Rowing Machine - German Quality Brand -Video Events & Multiplayer App, Heart Rate Belt incl. rowing machine for your home, foldable with 8x magnetoresistance and ball bearing seat


The Sportstech RSX400 is a rowing machine suitable for all those looking for an efficient and complete sports training of their body with a good price-performance ratio. This rower helps improve posture by strengthening your stomach, legs and back thanks to its ultra modern design and the various activities offered.

The Sportstech RSX400 rower simulates the movement of rowing realistically. Made in Germany and equipped with a Magnetic Resistance Braking System, the Sportstech RSX400 is quite pleasant in use and the oar movement is even and smooth.

This device is of good overall quality and is designed with great professional attention to detail.

Supplied with a console that facilitates data reading with its illuminated screen and which measures the impetus during the exercise, the distance covered, and the calories eliminated, this rower ensures you a sporting activity in all serenity. It also has a tablet holder to watch his favorite series.

The rower, although quite heavy, can be moved easily. It supports a user weight of 220 lbs. Ergonomic and practical enough for any type of sports training, the Sportstech RSX400 has 8 resistance levels and comes with a free heart rate monitor.

With the Sportstech RSX400, fluidity and precision are at the rendezvous. Robust, it gives satisfaction and allows to be efficient for regular exercises in a framework of physical maintenance.

The strong points of the Sportstech RSX400

  • 8 adjustable resistance levels
  • compact rower and foldable frame
  • quiet
  • easy movement
  • easy assembly

Sportstech RSX400 Rowing Machine - German Quality Brand -Video Events & Multiplayer App, Heart Rate Belt incl. rowing machine for your home, foldable with 8x magnetoresistance and ball bearing seat
  • ✅𝗩𝗜𝗗𝗘𝗢 𝗘𝗩𝗘𝗡𝗧𝗦, 𝗖𝗢𝗔𝗖𝗛𝗜𝗡𝗚 & 𝗠𝗨𝗟𝗧𝗜𝗣𝗟𝗔𝗬𝗘𝗥 𝗠𝗢𝗗𝗘 - with KINOMAP and Sportstech you start your Next Generation Training now. Experience Home Fitness 2.0 with...
  • ✅𝗠𝗨𝗟𝗧𝗜𝗙𝗨𝗡𝗖𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡 𝗗𝗜𝗦𝗣𝗟𝗔𝗬 - The RSX400 home rowing is pulse belt compatible (5.3 kHz). The multifunction display is intuitive to use and displays essential training information of the rowing...
  • ✅𝗖𝗢𝗠𝗣𝗔𝗖𝗧 𝗔𝗡𝗗 𝗠𝗢𝗕𝗜𝗟𝗘 - The rowing machine can be moved quickly and handily on the integrated transport wheels. It is space-saving to set up and foldable in a few simple steps
  • ✅𝗜𝗡𝗗𝗜𝗩𝗜𝗗𝗨𝗔𝗟 𝗥𝗘𝗦𝗜𝗦𝗧𝗔𝗡𝗖𝗘 - Depending on your personal fitness, the magnetoresistance can be adjusted 8-fold manually. A 15 degree incline ensures a natural rowing motion, endurance training,...
  • ✅𝗦𝗧𝗔𝗕𝗟𝗘 𝗔𝗡𝗗 𝗦𝗔𝗙𝗘 𝗗𝗘𝗦𝗜𝗚𝗡 - The high-quality track and the ball-bearing seat ensure a stable, safe home training. The professional rowing machine is ready to use in a few simple steps, without...

N°3: BH Fitness Boston Pliable

BH Fitness BOSTON R307. 11 lbs Flywheel. No more excuses to get in shape! Foldable rowing machine. Magnetic brake system. Electronic display. Quick and simple folding. Black, white, metallic


It is always necessary to train in a regular and constant manner in order to always stay in good shape.

If you are looking for a rowing machine that allows you to strengthen your muscles then the BH Fitness Boston is a recommended silent model.

The BH Fitness Boston is an efficient rowing machine that facilitates all types of sports training.

This rower has been designed to accompany you during your sports activities. Very practical, it allows you to combine another activity with training because this device is silent due to its magnetic resistance.

With the BH Fitness Boston, you are able to exercise as strength training, fitness and even aerobics!

With this rower, it is possible to use a chest belt which is convenient for maintaining a constant rhythm during training and essential for checking the heart rate.

Made of aluminum, a light metal, the BH Fitness Boston weighs only 66 lbs and can be moved easily.

The design of this rower is ingenious. When folded, it is only 85cm in length, 58cm in width and 134cm in height. It is a rower suitable for all sizes which, when unfolded, is 195 x 58 x 50 cm (L x W x H). The BH Fitness Boston can support a user weight of 265 lbs.

But that’s not all ! This rower is also equipped with a multifunction console with a large LCD monitor screen that is fairly easy to use and which records various crucial data before, during and after exercise such as heart rate, the program that best adapts to your performance and energy costs.

The BH Fitness Boston is sold with a 2 year warranty.

The strong points of BH Fitness Boston

  • Its great resistance
  • A sober, elegant and compact aesthetic
  • light and above all silent thanks to its magnetic resistance
  • Compatible with a chest belt

BH Fitness BOSTON R307. 11 lbs Flywheel. No more excuses to get in shape! Foldable rowing machine. Magnetic brake system. Electronic display. Quick and simple folding. Black, white, metallic
  • Train your whole body with just one machine! Thanks to the flaps at the front, the R307 makes it possible to do bicep and tricep exercises.
  • Enjoy an extremely direct throw, thanks to the central throw rowing action.
  • Don´t waste time cleaning or oiling! Thanks to the maintenance-free magnetic brake system.
  • Intensify your fitness training! The rower is equipped with tension knob to regulate 8 accurate workload points (manual).
  • Save valuable floorspace with the quick and easy folding system of this home trainer.

N°4: V-Fit AR1 Artemis 2

V-fit AR1 Artemis 2 Air Rowing Machine


In order to find the best rower, it is necessary to take into consideration different criteria such as weight, price, training features, dimensions etc …

If you are looking for an entry-level rower (but not too much either), then the V-Fit AR1 Artemis 2 Air rower is one of the best rowers to choose from in its range.

The V-Fit AR1 Artemis 2 belongs to the category of expensive rowers therefore accessible to both amateurs and intermediates, in general to anyone wishing to improve their athletic performance.

Although affordable, this rower has been able to seduce athletes with its efficiency and the diversity of sports programs it offers.

This rower with its single chain and speed-linked air resistance is nice for all types of cardio workouts.

With the AR1 Artemis 2, enjoy both a rowing machine for fitness or cardio. It is enough to play on the cadence so that the air resistance naturally adapts the resistance of the exercises. The faster you go, the stronger the resistance will be. This rower allows you to move forward at your own pace to practice sport in all serenity.

The Artemis 2 rowing machine from v fit is practical thanks to large PVC pedals with adjustable Velcro straps, for a very comfortable training.

The seat is comfortable and mounted on swivel ball bearings which provides complete comfort and good safety of use.

The main frame of the V-Fit AR1 Artemis 2 is made of steel, the rails are made of aluminum, the combination of these two metals gives the rower lightness and strength with a weight of 42 lbs. This rower can support a maximum user weight of 254 lbs

With its dimensions of 212cm x 44cm x 11.4cm (L x W x H), the V-Fit AR1 rowing machine is suitable even for tall people and any user can row comfortably. The v fit AR1 Artemis 2 is foldable and easily stored.

In order to facilitate transport, the front support is equipped with wheels.

The strong points of the V-Fit AR1 Artemis 2

  • Excellent value
  • easy and quick assembly in less than 30 minutes
  • light thanks to the main steel frame and aluminum rail
  • The rower is foldable
  • Air resistance system
  • Large PVC pedals with adjustable Velcro straps
  • practical screen equipped with 6 functions on 3 screens
  • ideal for resuming physical activity

V-fit AR1 Artemis 2 Air Rowing Machine
  • Club style, chain drive rower with speed proportionate air resistance
  • Contoured PU padded seat with bearing mounted upper and lower seat guide rollers
  • Pivoting, oversize PVC footplates with two-position mount and adjustable Velcro-style footstraps
  • Three-screen, six-function exercise monitor
  • Assembled dimensions: flat - 212 cm x 44 cm x 74 cm, folded - 120 cm x 44 cm x 75 cm, weight: 19.5 kg

N°5: Christopeit 9904A

CHRISTOPEIT SPORT Unisex's Accord Rower, Silver, Medium


The Christopeit 9904A has something to intrigue, this rower has been awarded by the German magazine “test magazin” for its quality / price ratio.

Equipped with a permanent magnetic brake, the Christopeit 9904A rower is pleasant in use and the movements are both uniform and smooth.

Designed primarily for intermediates and amateurs, this rower offers several undeniable advantages. The Christopeit 9904A rowing machine is designed to guarantee personalized sessions, suitable for everyone.

This sports device is endowed with a resistance that allows it to offer a performance worthy of a professional while operating without the slightest noise.

The Christopeit 9904A offers its users the possibility of exercising most of their muscles (the musculature of the upper body, shoulders, back, arms and legs) while benefiting from a fairly quiet device.

To vary the workouts, users can choose between 4 resistance levels according to their desires and needs.

Combining strength, performance and longevity, the 9904A Christopeit is one of the best rowers in its price range.

The 12 different resistances of the Christopeit 9904A allow a varied and comfortable training. This device offers its users the simulation of the movements of rowing and therefore training of all the muscles of the body in a harmonious way.

The Christopeit 9904A has a large LCD screen allowing you to display in real time all personal data concerning training such as your heart rate, the distance covered, your energy expenditure, rowing strokes per minute, the amounts of calories burned in order to regularly improve your performance.

The Christopeit 9904A is effective for any type of training. Made of steel, this device weighs 57 lbs empty and is able to withstand a weight of 265 lbs.

Its dimensions are 132 x 159 x 70 cm and you need to have more space for a comfortable workout. When folded, the Christopeit rower occupies only a space of 95 x 48 x 28 cm.

The highlights of the Christopeit 9904A

  • Rowing-like pull system
  • 12 resistances
  • Foldable Rower
  • adjustable footrests
  • comfortable and adjustable seat

CHRISTOPEIT SPORT Unisex's Accord Rower, Silver, Medium
  • 99% preassembled
  • 12-step adjustable rowing resistance
  • 3-step inclination adjustable
  • computer with 6 functions and big LCD display
  • max. user weight 120kg

Best Rowers from 500 $ to 1000 $ (4 models selected)

Between 500 and 1000 dollars, expect good quality rowers with good guarantees. Although there are big differences between models close to 500 and those closer to 1000 dollars, you will find devices with comfortable seats, sturdy frames, powerful screens with a lot of options, more stability, less shaking. and quality materials.

N°1: WaterRower A1 Home (aussi connu sous “Indo-row” ou “GX Home”)

Water Rower Rowing machine A1 with Monitor X 56 X 53 cm


The WaterRower A1 Home is a handcrafted rowing machine made from unstained solid ash wood and coated with Danish oil. The aluminum monorail gives an elegant appearance to this water rower.

The WaterRower A1 Home is a home rower appreciated for its ease of assembly, compactness and vertical storage in 10 seconds . This is the recommended model for those who do not want to spend their time assembling the rower and want to store it in one movement without having to fold it. It is an aesthetic piece even when it is stored vertically.

For ecological reasons, the wood comes from sustainably developed forests.

The WaterRower A1 Home gets its name from the name of the screen that is included (the A1 screen). The A1 is a simplified version of the S4 monitor from the WaterRower premium range. It allows a quick start by pressing the “OK” button.

The screen A1 displays the cadence of paddles / minutes, intensity meters / seconds, speed miles / hour, elapsed time / 2 km, total training time, total distance covered in meters, km or miles , wattage and calories burned / hour. (no heart rate, no PC interface, no advanced functions).

Main Features:

  • For occasional and regular use at home
  • Water Resistance
  • A1 screen (simpler than S4)
  • Rower weight 73 lbs empty (117 lbs with water)
  • Max user weight 320 lbs
  • Not foldable, but compact
  • Dimensions (L x l x H) cm: 218 x 56 x 53
  • Transport wheels
  • Solid ash wood frame without stain and aluminum monorail
  • 3 year warranty

Water Rower Rowing machine A1 with Monitor X 56 X 53 cm
  • One year supply of Chlorine tablets when you sign up to Waterrower online for free!


Kettler Coach M - Rowing Machines (LCD)


Designed primarily for fairly active athletes who do not accept any compromise for their intensive muscle training, the Kettler Coach M stands out among the best fitness equipment on the market.

The central pulling system and the long sliding length of Coach M allow a varied and comfortable workout. This rower offers its users the simulation of the movements of rowing and therefore to train all the muscles of their bodies in a fairly harmonious way.

German made and combining strength, performance and longevity, the KETTLER COACH M rower is one of the best rowers available in this price range.

The Kettler Coach M has a magnetic braking system with 10 manually adjustable resistance levels. The KETTLER brand offers you with this rower a belt to monitor your heart rate and therefore allows the COACH M rower to adapt to your training rhythm.

Simple and ergonomic, the KETTLER COACH M is effective for any type of training. Made of aluminum and weighing only 106 lbs, this device is both sturdy to withstand a user weight of 287 lbs and light enough to be transported and moved.

The Kettler Coach M has a large LCD screen allowing you to communicate all the personal data concerning your training such as your heart rate, the distance covered, your energy expenditure and even motivating indications in order to improve your performance.

The Kettler COACH M rower is one of the largest rowers with dimensions of 2m06 in length, 53cm in width and 67cm in height. It is not foldable. This rower also has a seat rail suitable for young and old. The distance separating the footrests from the seat is variable from 23cm to 1m16.

The Kettler Coach M is sold under a 3 year warranty.

Main Features:

  • Robust and stable structure
  • Magnetic resistance system with 10 gears
  • 100% silent device
  • Propulsion system Traction cable – central pull
  • Measures heart rate and energy expenditure (belt included)
  • Comfortable seat with casters on ball bearings
  • Swivel and adjustable foot wedge
  • Several fitness and weight training exercises offered
  • Aluminum frame
  • Weight empty rower: 106 lbs
  • Max user weight: 287 lbs
  • Transport wheels

Kettler Coach M - Rowing Machines (LCD)
  • Training computer with easy-to-read LCD display.
  • Integrated POLAR receiver (included) for Pulse Measurement.
  • 6kg flywheel for smooth running.
  • Space-saving stand on its side to ensure small footprint.
  • Warranty: 3 yrs part and labour warranty (conditions apply).


Sportstech RSX500 Rowing Machine Air Ergometer and Magnetic Brakes, Optional Heart-Rate Monitor Fitness, Inertia Weight 7 kg, 16 Training Programs, Competition Mode, Foldable


The Sportstech RSX500 is a rowing machine suitable for all those looking for a sports training that is both efficient and complete for their body. This machine helps you improve your posture by strengthening your stomach, legs and back.

Equipped with a permanent electronic magnetic brake, the Sportstech RSX 500 rower is pleasant in use and the rowing movement is uniform and smooth.

Made of aluminum, the Sportstech RSX 500 can be transported easily thanks to its weight of 72 lbs and its design allowing it to be foldable.

The RX 500 is an efficient training device equipped with a console compatible with smartphones and tablets for different sports activity programs.

It is also one of the easiest rowers to use, and offers several features for a complete and efficient training according to your needs. With this machine, you’ll even be able to create your own individual trainings and track your history and performance for quick improvements.

Equipped with a heart rate monitor, the RSX500 rower ensures constant heart rate monitoring for a balanced and optimal workout.

Thanks to the extra extra long pulling cable and dimensions of (L x W x H) of 193 cm x 44 cm x 84 cm, this rower is suitable even for tall people.

The Sportstech RSX 500 is sold under a 5-year warranty.

Main Features

  • The strong points of Sportstech RSX 500;
  • Permanent magnetic-electric braking system;
  • Fitness application compatible with smartphones and tablets;
  • Several resistance levels controlled by computer;
  • Comfort seat with ball bearings on the Aluminum spool;
  • 12 training programs + 4 impulse programs;
  • Possibility of creating personalized programs;
  • Pulse belt included;
  • Max user weight: 265 lbs

Sportstech RSX500 Rowing Machine Air Ergometer and Magnetic Brakes, Optional Heart-Rate Monitor Fitness, Inertia Weight 7 kg, 16 Training Programs, Competition Mode, Foldable
  • Multimedia console compatible with applications: The Rowing Machine can be operated by Smartphone and tactile tablet. Device comes with a stand for tablet, compatible with fitness apps, history of workouts. Compatible with e-Santé health programme....
  • Multifunction interface: This rowing machine features a digital screen of 5.5 inches, 5 user profiles, USB charging connector and compatible with heart rate monitor. The Rowing Machine is equipped with transportation wheels for easy storage and...
  • Permanent magnetic braking system: The Rowing Machine is equipped with a magnetic brake system with 16 Resistance Levels controlled by computer, a wheel of inertia of 7kg, a Smooth And Quiet operation, and a long cable. Ideal for bigger people, pull up...
  • 12 training programmes: Great flexibility of use, 12 pre-installed programmes, 4 HRC functions for training based on heart rate (Beats per minute), competition training over 500 m, display of various data and results, ideal for cardio exercises,...
  • Ideal Indoor rowing machine: (L x W x H) – 2015 X 570 X 830 mm – maximum user weight up to 120 kg – device weight approx.32.5 kg. Warning:-

N°4:  SKANDIKA SF 1040

Do you want to get started in a sporting activity but you have no idea about the necessary equipment for the different workouts adapted to you?

With SKANDIKA SF 1040 enjoy both a rower, a bicycle and a fitness device in one machine equipped with a silent magnetic braking system.

The SKANDIKA SF 1040, made of aluminum, weighs only 70 lbs, provides resistance to a weight of up to 265 lbs and allows fairly easy transport.

This machine can easily be transformed from a rower into a recumbent bike and offers users several training programs (building muscle mass, sculpting the body).

A cardio belt is also included with the purchase of SKANDIKA SF 1040, allowing you to measure your heart rate so you can exercise with confidence.

The SKANDIKA SF 1040 semi-recumbent bike is quite practical thanks to a pivoting articulation system with double ball bearings and allows you to burn calories while sparing the joints of the knees and the back.

Simple, ergonomic and quite practical for any type of training, the SKANDIKA SF 1040 is 192 cm long, 63cm wide and 68 cm high.

This device is foldable which allows easy transport. With dimensions of 83 x 59 x 141 cm you will not need to hide this device in the basement or attic.

But that’s not all ! The SKANDIKA SF 1040 is also equipped with a multifunction console with a large LCD dmonitor that is fairly easy to use and which indicates several information concerning your sporting activity such as the distance covered, the heart rate, the program that best suits your needs. performance and energy expenditure.

  • The strong points of COACH M
  • Magnetic braking system;
  • Foldable device to optimize storage;
  • Multifunction console with LCD display;
  • Non-slip pedals;
  • Transport wheels;
  • Max weight user: 265 lbs;
  • 5 automatic training programs;
  • Cardio belt included;

Best Rowers from $ 1000 to $ 3000 (3 models selected)

If you are a serious rower looking for a device that can keep up with your pace, or if you are a sports fan who wants to outfit your home with a quality new rower, then a rower in this price range is what you need. ‘you need.

While 1000 dollars is a nice sum to spend on sports equipment, it is good to know that you can get one of the best rowers on the market for less than 1500 dollars. An advantage for rowers when you know for example that it takes double the price to acquire one of the best treadmills.

This is all the more true when you know the advantages that a rowing machine training brings over other devices.

Having compared and analyzed dozens of rowers over 1000 dollars, our attention focused on three models that stand out especially that which 2 are WaterRower Natural and Concept 2 Model D .

Of these 2 rowers, the Concept 2 Model D is considered to be the best and most real rowing machine currently available on the market. This is the device used for the rowing championships .

However, for a unique and even more real experience, the more expensive WaterRower brings unparalleled comfort and aesthetics to the home. The range is available with frames of different materials such as wood. The experience obtained with these rowers is very close to reality.

N°1: Concept 2 Model D with PM5 screen

Concept2 RowErg Standard Legs with PM5 - Black


The Concept 2 Model D with PM5 monitor is one of the best rowing machines on the market. Your investment is protected with at least 2 years of warranty. This rower is highly recommended for serious rowers and regular athletes.

If you are looking for a device for full body workouts with low impact on the joints, then the Concept 2 Model D is one of the best options . It features a modern design, an ergonomic seat, ergonomic handles and adjustable footrests for better comfort of movement.

The PM5 screen (performance monitor number 5) lights up automatically from the first draw. It is backlit and allows better readability.

Data is displayed in real time such as speed, distance traveled, cadence (strokes / minute) calories burned and watts. The PM5 is easy to use and available in the language of your choice.

Like many rowers, the Concept 2 Model D is capable of supporting a user weight of 500 lbs. Exercise noise is reduced thanks to the design of the flywheel and shock absorbers.

The D model is easily stored thanks to the built-in wheels and is easily transported thanks to its light weight.

The Concept 2 D with its PM5 screen is a real small on-board computer with a touch of cutting-edge technology. It has a USB port, is WiFi compatible, includes games …

You can export your results on a USB key to your computer or use another activity tracker type gadget.

Finally, this indoor rower comes with an easy start guide, user manual, assembly and disassembly instructions.

Its multiple functions, resistance and training comfort make the Concept 2 model D a rower recommended by all professionals in the field. This rower is well worth the price.

Main Features:

  • For intensive use but also occasional
  • Air Resistance
  • PM5 screen with many functions
  • USB, bluetooth and heart rate monitor compatible
  • Rower weight 57 lbs
  • Max user weight 500 lbs
  • Dimensions folded: (L x W x H) cm: 90 x 62 x 138
  • Unfolded (L x W x H) cm: 244 x 61 x 113
  • Transport wheels
  • Steel frame
  • Rowing machine foldable and removable in 2
  • 5-year frame warranty + large parts
  • 2 years warranty the rest

Concept2 RowErg Standard Legs with PM5 - Black
  • Indoor rowing is an effective full-body, low-impact workout. Flywheel design minimises noise while maximising a smooth feel.
  • Includes the Performance Monitor 5, giving you accurate, comparable data for every row. Adjustable monitor arm.
  • 35.5cm seat height, nickel-plated chain, adjustable footrests and ergonomic handle
  • Easily separates into two pieces for storage. Caster wheels make it mobile.
  • Requires footprint of 274 cm x 122 cm; 227kg capacity; 5-year frame warranty.

N°2: WaterRower original series in Oak (natural)

Waterrower Natural Rowing Machine - Ash Wood


WaterRower is by far the most sought after brand of rowing machine after Concept 2. Its wooden appearance, unique ergonomics and water tank allow it to mimic the feeling of rowing in water .

If you want the best of the best and have the budget, the WaterRower natural in Oak is the rower to buy. (exists in other woods, read the description below).

Unlike most rowers, the WaterRower are specially designed for intense workouts and to withstand high pressures and loads. Thus, water rowers have entered the category of rowers most sought after by sportsmen. They are also appreciated and sought after for their aesthetics by less regular users who have a home gym.

This water rower provides very smooth and realistic movements provided by no other type of rower on the market. Its hand-made solid wood construction contributes to its strength and durability over time.

The WaterRower natural in Oak contains a water tank with a capacity of 20 liters with a flywheel containing 2 oars. The oars in the water and the flywheel contribute to the smooth pulling movements. The water resistance is quieter and more realistic than for Air rowers.

This sporty device comes with an easy-to-use S4 screen for everyone. Press “ON” and you can already row. The S4 is functional but also has many functions such as intensity in meters / seconds, speed in km / h, duration for 500 meters or for 2000 meters, watts (the power of draft) and calories burned / h . It also displays the number of reps (strokes), heart rate (if connected to the belt), total distance in meters, km, miles and elapsed time.

The screen is equipped with more advanced options like automatic saving, alert setting of intensity zone, heart rate, rowing strokes for if you go out of the zone. End-of-exercise statistics and many more.

The features of the S4 screen of the WaterRower Natural allow complete monitoring during and after training. It helps to aid weight loss, improve health, reduce the impact of exercise on the joints, and tone and build muscles by choosing the appropriate program.

As rowing can seem repetitive to some people, choosing a designer model such as the WaterRower Natural helps, with its unique water experience, to motivate yourself, to be more enduring and to achieve your goals faster.

Main Features:

  • For intensive use
  • Water Resistance
  • Aesthetic design, handcrafted rowers
  • S4 multifunction monitor
  • Heart rate belt compatible (not supplied)
  • Weight wooden rower 73 lbs empty (117 lbs with water)
  • Max user weight: more than 992 lbs
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) cm: 202 x 56 x 53 (does not fold)
  • Transport wheels
  • Solid wood frame (available in oak, cherry, ash, stained ash, beech, walnut, brushed steel and tubular steel)
  • Compact rower, takes up little space
  • 1 year warranty (extendable to 5 years frame and 3 years parts upon registration)

Waterrower Natural Rowing Machine - Ash Wood
  • The Original WaterRower and official water rowing machine of British Rowing.
  • S4 Performance Monitor gives accurate and comparable data for each workout.
  • Exercise in any room of the house - the beautiful solid ash wood frame blends into the finest home interiors. When not in use the WaterRower Natural stands on end easily for space saving storage.
  • 3-year frame, 5-year parts warranty. Handmade in the USA for over 30 years to ensure quality and durability.
  • Suitable for everyone - a 180 kg weight limit, infinitely variable resistance, and a “how to row” indoor rowing technique guide to get you started.

N°3: Finnlo Aquon Pro Plus

Finnlo Aquon Pro Plus Programmable Rower - Black/Silver


The Finnlo Aquon Pro Plus is a high-end model used by Olympic professionals. The seat is at a height of about 50 cm from the ground and the footrests are only 9 cm apart. The 2.25m strap allows people up to 6,56 feet to use it without worries. This is the recommended model for tall people.

The FINNLO brand offers high quality cardio and weight training equipment as well as accessories. Training on this rower improves endurance and strength.

The finnlo Aquon is designed to prevent back pain. Its screen is modern and displays several information at the same time. Compatible with a heart rate belt (receiver included but belt not included).

The braking technology is innovative and its electronic adjustment allows the selection of 290 different resistance levels . This rower is part of the top 3 rowers over 1000 dollars to acquire.

By purchasing the Finnlo Aquon Pro Plus you get a high quality rower and a sophisticated display with lots of options and included workout programs.

Main Features:

  • Electronic resistance adjustable from the handle
  • Combines magnetic and air resistance
  • Display screen 11 data at a time
  • 12 programs included
  • Rower weight 99 lbs
  • Max user weight 330 lbs
  • Dimensions folded: (L x W x H) cm: 148 x 51 x 196
  • Unfolded (L x W x H) cm: 249 x 51 x 98
  • Transport wheels
  • Aluminum frame
  • Foldable rowing machine
  • Ball bearing seat
  • 3 year warranty

Finnlo Aquon Pro Plus Programmable Rower - Black/Silver
  • German brand FINNLO is a well-established European Quality Brand comparable to Tunturi
  • Adjust resistance without having to stop rowing with controls on the rowing handle
  • Hi-tech blue backlit display with 12 fitness programs and 10 permanent displays, foldable design, 150Kg (23.5 Stone) max user weight
  • TUV and GS Certified to German quality standards (considerably superior to CE alone), 3 YEAR WARRANTY ON ALL PARTS

Our rowing recommendations

To be more precise and to help you in your choice, find here the rowers that we recommend.

# 1. Concept 2 model E

Concept2 Model E Indoor Rower with PM5 - Grey


The Concept 2 Model E is a popular professional rower found in sports clubs. It is one of the best indoor rowers you can get. The device was designed by Olympic experts and coaches.

The Concept 2 Model E is aesthetic and allows very fluid and pleasant movements. This rower has an air type resistance. A nickel-plated chain is connected to the flywheel. It is enough to pull on it more or less hard to increase or decrease the resistance to the air of the exercises.

The Concept 2 Model E rowing machine is sold with the PM5 screen to follow its efforts in real time and the evolution of its progress. It allows you to display the performance in 2 ways. You can choose to see in real time the distance covered and the elapsed time or know your pace with the number of “reps”.

Reps are the number of repetitions of rowing movements. Although the 2 modes are interesting, it is useful to know your rhythm in real time in the case of training alternating accelerations and decelerations.

Another interesting aspect of the Concept 2 PM5 screen is that it calculates the resistance factor aspect. This means that you get a true measure of your training effort regardless of the environment around the rower. This is one of the reasons why crossfit enthusiasts choose the Concept 2 Model D. Buy the Concept 2 Model E on Amazon.

Types of resistances

What types of resistance do rowers have?
Although rowers all look more or less the same, their technologies and resistance vary greatly from device to device. There are 4 types of resistors :

  • water resistance
  • air resistance
  • magnetic resistance
  • hydraulic resistance

Each type of resistance has advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to consider the type of resistance in your choice.

Water rowers

Waterrower Natural Rowing Machine - Ash Wood

Water rowers are recent innovations reproducing the resistance of oars in water. Although many people have adopted air models for years, some of these users have already adopted water rowers which have the advantage of providing additional silence .

Rowers work the muscles and burn calories according to the resistance exerted on them. The higher the resistance, the more effective the session.

How does the water resistance work?

water rowers use a water flywheel (with an oar) connected by a chain to a handle that the user pulls towards himself. When you pull on the handle, the paddles rotate in the water. The mass of moving water produces resistance. Whereas for an air rower, the faster you row, the greater the resistance.

Users of water models claim that the action reproduced by a water rower is more real than for any other mechanism.

Water resistance advantages:

  • quiet
  • smooth movements and constant resistance
  • the sound of water moving in the tank
  • very little maintenance (just change the water from time to time)

Water resistance drawbacks:

  • a little wider than other types of rowers (the water tank)
  • higher prices

Buy a water rower, for what use?

Water rowers are beautiful wooden pieces with a worked design. Although not the first choice of buyers and users, they are devices often bought for home use for 4 reasons: Aesthetics, their silence, their real experience and their maintenance close to zero.

The water rower market is dominated by WaterRower with its natural (ash), Club Sport (stained ash), A1 (ash), Oxbridge (cherry), Classic (walnut), S1 (stainless steel) series. brushed), M1 Hirise (high tubular steel), M1 lorise (tubular steel close to the ground) and Xeno Muller Signature (the natural Ash WaterRower optimized by the Olympic rowing champion). Each name corresponds to a different wood model.

The best water rowers:

Air rowers

Finnlo Aquon Evolution Programmable Rower - Black/Silver

These have been the most popular since 1980 and often considered to be the best. In fact, air resistance rowers are the standard in gyms .

In a boat, the resistance is made by the contact of the oars with the water while an indoor rower must reproduce this resistance by other means.

How does an air rower work?

An air rower reproduces resistance by using air pressure in a flywheel. The wheel is connected by a chain connected to a handle that the user must pull towards him. The faster you pull, the faster the wheel will turn and the greater the resistance.

Advantages of air rowers:

  • large level of resistance reproducing that of oars in water
  • resistance automatically adjusted according to the rhythm
  • smooth movements
  • low wear of the mechanism

Disadvantages of air rowers:

  • noise for apartment use

Buy an air rower, for what use?

this type of device is the preferred model of rowers who train out of season because it reproduces the resistance of the water with a lot of reality.

The best air rowers:

The high-end concept 2

Less than 500 dollars:

Magnetic rowers

Kettler Appareils de Fitness

Magnetic rowers are very popular for home use. The resistance mechanism makes the device very quiet . They are also more compact than the water and air models.

How does a magnetic resistance rower work?

The resistance of these rowers is created by varying the distance between a large magnet and a flywheel. This wheel is attached by a chain to a handle that the user pulls to him. Resistance is applied manually on the device by adjusting mechanical sliders or electronically on the screen. Magnetic rowers provide smooth movement and are very quiet.

Magnetic rowing machines advantages

  • quiet
  • wide choice of resistance level
  • more compact than water and air models
  • low maintenance

Disadvantages of magnetic rowers

  • does not simulate the resistance of water (but does work the muscles anyway)

Buy a magnetic rower, for what use?

These more compact and foldable rowers are convenient for apartment use. They are easy to store and are silent (practical for neighbors). If you plan to acquire a model and hesitate between 2 models, take the one with the heaviest flywheel. In general, the heavier the wheel, the smoother the movement.

The best magnetic rowers:

The high-end:

Less than 500 dollars:

Hydraulic rowers

CHRISTOPEIT SPORT Unisex's Accord Rower, Silver, Medium

Hydraulic rowers have 2 advantages: A low price and quiet. However, they are shunned by buyers because of their outdated appearance and their days are numbered.

How does a hydraulic resistance rower work?

Hydraulic rowers create resistance through pistons. The user just has to pull on the handles to put pressure on the liquid contained in the pistons. The pressure level is individually adjustable on each piston.

Advantages of hydraulic rowers

  • Little price
  • short
  • quieter than air and water models

Disadvantages hydraulic rowers

  • not very smooth movements
  • The inconstancy of resistance in training
  • requires regular maintenance

Buy a hydraulic rower, for what use?

This type of rower is a good choice for small budgets and small spaces. Many hydraulic rowers are foldable and store easily after use. The best hydraulic rowers are the Kettlers but there are a handful of other brands from which to choose a decent machine.

The best hydraulic rowers:

The high-end:

Less than 500 dollars:

Rowing machine characteristics and functions to consider

Tunturi Cardio Fit R20 Indoor home rowing machine / Rower

Comfort and adaptability

Is rowing comfortable?
The best rowers are comfortable. Pay attention to the seat and toe clips and if necessary adjust the device to your size for more comfort.

The sound level

Does a rower make noise?
Some rowers make noise while others are silent. While a quiet device may be enjoyable for some people, it’s not a feature that everyone looks for. On the contrary, for many, a noisy rower is synonymous with training efforts. Noise is directly related to resistance technology.

The dimensions

What are the dimensions of a rower?
A rower needs room for exercises. Take the dimensions of your room or room and choose a model that is suitable.
While the width of the rowers varies quite little, the length of the rowers varies a lot more. consider the length of the unfolded device.

The price of a rower

What is the price of a rower?
As seen previously, the price is a decisive factor in your choice of acquisition. Just like with any other area of shopping, you find rowers at very different prices. This ranges from entry-level starting at $ 100 to high-end rowers around $ 3,000.

Expensive rowers are designed for heavy use and have a very long lifespan while budget rowers are for basic use with few options, less comfort, require regular maintenance and parts changes more regularly.

The maximum user weight

What is the maximum weight a rower can support?
In general, the rowers support a significant user weight. This is because there are fewer moving parts than other sports equipment.

The rowers support a minimum weight of 220 lbs. Some rowers support weights of 1100 lbs. Although no one does weight, these indications attest to the solidity of a model.

Storage function / Foldable

Should I choose a foldable or non-foldable rower?
It is an advantage to be able to fold and store your rower after use. Find out more about this. Some rowers fold in 1 click while others are less well thought out. Some rowers are foldable and others (often very high end) do not fold.

Remember that a rowing machine is a fitness device that can be heavy. Check that the model you are interested in has wheels to move it. It is more convenient than wearing it.

The screen / on-board computer

Concept2 RowErg Standard Legs with PM5 - Black

Do the rowers have screens? If so, what are the functions?
With one or two exceptions, all rowers are equipped with a display to communicate information about the exercises. Here are the most commonly available data:

  • the distance
  • the elapsed time
  • number of calories burned
  • Name of reps (name of mouvements)
  • pace of exercise
  • heartbeat

If you want to keep your workout data, be sure to find a screen model that has the option of recording on a smartphone application via wifi or bluetooth. You will be able to follow your progress day after day.

Ease of assembly

Do I have to assemble the new rower?
Yes. Although you will only have to assemble your rower once and it may take over 1 hour, you want to prevent this moment from turning into a nightmare! Make sure the rower you choose is a buildable fitness machine and not a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Ask a family member for help if you are uncomfortable riding it alone.

The warranty

What are the warranties for rowers?
You want a rower that has the correct level of warranty. The warranties can be complete and relate to the frame, parts and labor. Sometimes the frame alone is guaranteed. Warranties typically range from 3 months to 5 years, with 2 years being the most common standard.

Benefits of the rower

What are the benefits of the rower?
Rowing is good cardiovascular exercise and strengthens most muscle groups in the body. The movement of the rower considerably limits the impact of the movements on the joints. This characteristic specific to rowers make this device a privileged choice.

Training on a rowing machine burns calories and tones the body. Combining this type of exercise with a balanced diet helps you lose weight.

As with all physical activities, it is essential to train the right way. Note that on a rower the main effort must be on the leg muscles. Leaning too far forward during exercises can cause fatigue, or even injury to the lower back.

It is recommended to stand at an angle of 90 ° to the axis of the rower. Concentrating efforts on the legs and limiting those exerted on the arms and back is essential information often overlooked by beginners.

Summary of benefits:

  • works the majority of muscles
  • low impact on the joints
  • good for the cardiovascular system
  • way on to lose weight
  • foldable models to save space
  • burns more calories than treadmills, exercise bikes and elliptical trainers.

Weight Loss and Rowing Machine

Skandika Poseidon Regatta Rowing Machine, Home Rower Multi-Gym with Adjustable Resistance, Multi-Functional Computer, Foldable (Orange/grey)

Can I lose weight by rowing?

1 hour of rowing = about 800 calories!

Rowing not only improves the cardiovascular system and strengthens muscles, it also burns calories and weight loss healthily. If your goal is to lose weight, a rower is a good tool to achieve that goal.

Intensity to lose weight

Here is the secret. The rowing machine is an exercise which allows an overall muscular work of the body (80% of the muscles). Therefore, exercising on this type of device burns a lot of calories during training but continues to burn for some time after quitting. This effect is called the afterburn effect or the “afterburn effect”.

In fact, at the end of a great effort, it takes a while for the body to realize that it is no longer necessary to burn calories and thus create energy for the effort. Remember that your body continues to burn fat during this post exercise recovery period. Isn’t that great?

HIIT rowing

HIIT (high intensity interval training) is a great way to burn fat, lose weight and improve your cardiovascular system. This method allows you to benefit from a good afterburn effect. Adjust the resistance of the rower to exercise of varying intensity.

HIIT rowing allows you to achieve optimal results in a minimum of time. Maybe it sounds too good to be true, but 20 to 30 minutes / day is enough to get you on the road to weight loss.

If you are interested in HIIT, you will find several sample exercises on the internet. Remember in any case to start with a 5 minute warm-up before each workout to avoid muscle injury.

Use of a rower

The primary goal of a rower is to maintain the cardiovascular system. However, adopting the right movement and the correct posture is essential if you do not want to have back pain the next day.

The rower mainly requires the use of his legs. And as you know, the quadriceps, calves and hamstrings are the largest and most powerful muscles in the body and keep us upright. But you also pull with your arms, shoulders, abs, and back. That said, you don’t want to injure your back so follow the usage recommendations below.

Rowing technique

  • Adopting good posture is the key to effective and injury-free training.
  • Sit down and tie your feet to the supports.
  • Take the handle, extend your arms and keep your back straight
  • Push up on your heels and straighten your legs
  • Pull the cable to your chest
  • Pull your shoulders back once your legs are straight and the cable across your chest
  • Then return to the starting position by relaxing your arms and legs. Your abs and back will naturally control the return.
  • Start with low resistance then adjust up when comfortable

Other aspects to take into account when rowing

Sport shoes

You don’t have to train without shoes. First of all, it is not comfortable and it is potentially dangerous. The same is true for other types of exercises. Ban slippers, sandals and heels. More generally, absolutely avoid anything that is “open”. Use athletic shoes, ideally running shoes that are best suited for this type of exercise.

Dress code

Avoid excessively loose clothing that could get caught in the seat bearings during movement. It’s not a big deal if that happens, but it’s annoying if your clothes get torn during your session. It is best to wear shorts or clothes that are close enough to the body.


Although some rowers are made of moisture resistant metals, take the time to wipe off sweat marks after each workout. These machines are often an assembly of materials that can be corrosive in contact with salt from perspiration. Keeping a device clean helps to lengthen its lifespan and preserve its appearance.

The final word

Fitness and health experts agree that rowers are the best devices for maintaining physical activity. As said before, 80% of the muscles of the body are used during a workout. The best rowers are equipped with trackers (recorders) to track your progress.

Waterrower Natural Rowing Machine - Ash Wood


Rowers are devices that allow you to do cardio, build muscle and lose weight. Like a treadmill or an exercise bike, a rower works many more muscles at the same time.

It works the lower part of the body with the quadriceps, hamstrings and calves, but also the upper part of the body like the arms, shoulders, back and abdominals. Rowing limits the impact of movements on the joints.

If you start your search for a rowing machine, you may be a little lost with all the information on the internet. This is why Labo Fitness strives to provide as much useful information as possible on a single page and thus save you back and forth between websites. You will find on this page updated information 4 times a month with models of rowing machines available.


Not all rowers are suitable for everyone. Some need to spend over $ 1000 to get a good rower while others won’t want to spend that much to buy a rower.

Rowing machines are not new devices, but their growing popularity has contributed to the creation of hundreds of new models. Some consumer rowers are machined from good quality materials and the design has adapted over the years to the needs of buyers.

Although the main reason for acquiring a rower is to maintain one’s health, the aesthetic and practical aspect for an apartment purchase is an aspect that should not be neglected.

Generally speaking, rowers are to this day the best way to take care of your health and stimulate the muscles of the body. In addition, exercising on a rowing machine burns more calories than any other sports device such as treadmills or ellipticals for example.

To top it off, the rower considerably limits the impact of shock on joints and knuckles .

Some devices are better suited for taller body types and tall people while other rowers would not suit them.

Rowers have multiple functions and options, you don’t necessarily need everything so select.

A high price justifies stronger materials, more comfortable seats, more solid frames that can withstand hundreds of pounds, sophisticated screens with pre-recorded exercise programs, real-time heart rate monitoring, smartphone apps for progress monitoring and many other options.

In short, the most important thing for you is to acquire the rower that corresponds to your personal choice and which is the best compromise. The best rower for you is the one that meets your criteria of comfort, function and budget. As a reminder, this post contains the best models of rowing machines updated every week.

Take the time to choose the one that’s right for you. Choosing a rower from this page ensures that you are satisfied with your future purchase.