Best Scooter Locks

Top 5 Best Scooter Locks (Anti-theft)

A scooter lock is essential from the moment you leave your scooter unattended.

A lock can deter, slow down or prevent a theft (it all depends on the degree of opportunism or will of the alleged thief).

As a regular scooter rider (both for walking and for my little errands), I was not comfortable leaving my scooter on the sidewalk unprotected while entering a bakery.

My cousin having had his new electric scooter stolen in 30 seconds this way, I decided to do some research and acquire a lock for my scooter. I finally opted for double protection with the Kryptonite U-frame lock and a disc lock to block the wheel.

My selection is based on both the results of customer reviews and manufacturer specifications . Two reliable sources of information to find the real best scooter locks .

The 5 best-selling scooter locks

The most sold currently (not necessarily the best)


You will find a lot of negative customer reviews regarding locks. The reason is simple: no anti-theft device is 100% reliable and dissatisfied customers go crazy in reviews.

However, a lock will considerably limit the chances of theft. The harder the lock is to break, the more likely the thief will become discouraged. You can also combine 2 locks for better protection.

Top 5 best scooter locks

In this guide, you will find different models with the characteristics to help you choose the lock that will best suit your scooter and your needs.


MASTER LOCK Police Approved Bike Lock and E-Scooter Lock, Hardened Laminated Steel, 4 Keys, 550 x 76 x 27 mm, for e bike scooter quad

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The Master Lock is a scooter lock that has the shape of handcuffs. Although it secures a scooter, you can also use it on a bicycle, a garden barbecue or a stroller…

Its use is simple: Attach the first bracelet to a grid or post then the other to the scooter on the second bracelet.

In addition to being practical, this lock is effective. Tests show that this pivoting link pattern is difficult to force . It is Sold Secure certified.

Its design is interesting and easy to carry. The lock is made of laminated steel which makes it aesthetic and robust.

2 – ABUS 6500/110

ABUS folding lock Bordo Granit XPlus 6500 SH with Bracket, Hardened Steel Bike Lock, ABUS Security Level 15

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The ABUS 6500 lock is also effective. Thanks to its resistant 5 mm joints and its hardened steel casing, the lock offers good protection for your scooter. The cylinder helps to fight against picking .

Furthermore, the ABUS 6500 Bordo Big takes up little space and is easy to transport. Thanks to its small size and its bag, you can put it in a bag or attach it to the handlebars depending on the model.

You can unfold and fold it up pretty quickly. It is a recognized reliable brand.

3 – Sportastisch

Sportastisch Top¹ Bike lock Fold & Hold with key and holder | Premium cycle lock | Folding lock with high security level 7 for children and adults | Up to 3 years warranty²

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If you need an effective anti-theft device for not too much money, the Sportastisch is a  level 7 rated anti-theft device on the brand’s scale. With its steel alloy, it is resistant to theft. And in order to improve its robustness, the lock is treated against corrosion and is equipped with an anti-shock system.

With a large lock like this, you can attach multiple scooters at the same time.

The Sportastisch also has the advantage of being easy to transport. It even comes with a bracket to attach to the scooter’s stem.

It has a 3 year warranty and in case of theft you can request a refund of the lock.

4 – Kryptonite Anti-theft U Evolution Mini-7 + cable

Kryptonite Unisex Lock With Flex Cable and Bracket, Orange, 7 Inch

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The  Kryptonite U Evolution Mini-7  lock is a padlock and cable lock kit. This model is sturdy with a rating of 7/10 on the brand’s scale. The U is made of hardened steel and is therefore more difficult to saw or pry out . As for the cable, it is made of braided steel and it offers additional protection by securing the wheel or the like. In addition, the lock is equipped with a double locking system.

The other advantage of the Kryptonite Anti-theft U Evolution Mini-7 is that it is easy to transport. It comes with a frame bracket that allows you to attach it.

The lock also comes with three keys, one of which is equipped with an LED to see at night to lock and unlock your scooter.

5 – Scooter wheel lock

Disc Brake Lock, Electric Scooter Anti-Theft, Steel Wire Lock Disc Brake Wheel Lock Set, for Xiaomi M365/PRO Motorcycle Bicycle Wheels Locker with Reminder Rope (Red)

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Discourage thieves by opting for the wheel lock . This model is really effective because it prevents the thief from physically rolling by blocking the rear wheel on the disc.

It is equipped with a particularly effective disc lock because it is difficult to break without damaging the scooter. However, a thief will generally want to steal something that he can resell.

Delivered with a reminder cable, this is to remind you to remove the lock on the wheel before setting off again.

Regarding its format, it is small in size and it is very light which makes it easy to store and transport .

Scooter lock purchase criteria

There are many models of locks and they do not all have the same quality or the same usefulness. It is important to choose the model that suits your needs and not just the budget.

What is the use of a scooter lock?

The anti-theft device is a device that prevents the theft of a scooter . This accessory saves time and discourages thieves. Thus, it is possible to park your scooter and leave it unattended .

What types of scooter locks are there?

There are 4 types of scooter locks. Your choice should be based on your needs and where you park. You will see in this comparison the best locks for each type of scooter lock.

1. U-lock

ABUS 345906-410/170HB230_SH34_+_10/120 Horquilla Ultra Mini HB230 + cobra10/120

As its name suggests, the U-shaped lock looks like a padlock. And depending on the model, it locks with a key or code. The frame is made of metal, which makes it a stronger lock and therefore more difficult to pick and cut . This type of lock is among the most resistant to theft.

Advantages : 

  • Reliable anti-theft
  • Good value for money

Inconvenience :

  • Relatively heavy
  • Rigid and sometimes difficult to find an anchor point

2. The folding lock

ABUS Foldable Lock Bordo Granit XPlus 6500/85 ST with Lock Bag, Hardened Steel Bike Lock, ABUS Security Level 15, 85 cm, Black

The folding lock is a device made up of several metal plates which are connected by fasteners. The plates fold up on themselves and you just have to deploy them to use them. From its appearance, it is also called “carpenter’s meter”.

As with U-locks, folding locks can be locked with a key or with a combination of codes .

Advantages :

  • Lightweight and space-saving lock
  • Easy to manipulate

Inconvenience :

  • Foldable lock is less resistant than a U-lock

3. Anti-theft handcuffs

MASTER LOCK Police Approved Bike Lock and E-Scooter Lock, Hardened Laminated Steel, 4 Keys, 550 x 76 x 27 mm, for e bike scooter quad

It has the shape of a handcuff: two bracelets which are connected by links or a chain. Thanks to its shape and flexibility, you can easily tie it. Simply attach the first bracelet to the handlebars of the scooter and the second to a fixed anchor point such as a sign post or barrier. You can use the key or the push button to lock the device.

Advantages :

  • The lock is easy to use
  • Effective for securing a scooter

Inconvenience :

  • This type of lock is expensive.

4. Anti-theft alarm

ABUS 82364 Alarmbox Alarm Box, Blue, one Size

The lock is equipped with an alarm and is mainly used to deter thieves . Its operation is simple. During a theft attempt, the alarm goes off and emits a high-pitched sound. So, in addition to scaring the thief away quickly, you can hear him and intervene quickly to put him on the run.

Advantages :

  • The sound emitted is powerful and surprising
  • The price of this type of lock is cheap
  • Thieves aren’t used to alarms on scooters

Inconvenience :

  • This type of lock is not very resistant, it is primarily used to scare

U-locks and folding locks are more resistant to wire cutters, hacksaws, crowbars, hammers and bolt cutters.

Further purchase criteria:

You also have to consider…

– Approval

If you want to be sure of the reliability of a lock, check if it is approved by organizations. The organizations carry out tests in order to ensure the quality and solidity of the lock before validating it.

There are several certifications such as the SRA (Automobile Safety and Repairs) which is a reference in the world of locks for bicycles and motorcycles, but also Sold Secure, FUB (Federation of Bicycle Users) and the ART foundation.

– Location and duration of parking

Parking 2 minutes in front of a quiet village bakery to buy a baguette is not the same as parking 8 hours at night in a public space in town .

While a basic padlock is sufficient for the first case, a robust padlock will be essential in the second case.

Similarly, a simple scooter of an unknown or damaged brand will not attract as much covetousness as a new high-end Xiaomi electric scooter .

– Protection

The majority of manufacturers offer several ranges of model protection to meet everyone’s needs. Not everyone has a $1,000 scooter. Also, living in a big city carries a greater risk of being robbed than living in a village in a “quiet” department .

Manufacturers have a classification system according to the level of security of model locks. Unfortunately, each brand has its own scale, so it is difficult to compare them between brands.

In general, the first levels (1,2 and 3) include low quality locks. The latter have a theft resistance time of a few seconds, therefore recommended for short stops.

The higher the number, the longer the lock takes to break.

– Material and thickness

When buying your scooter lock you must take into account the material used to make the padlock. Indeed, some materials are more robust than others.

For locks with cables made of stainless steel, special attention must be paid to the section of the cable . You should also look at how they are made and connected to see if they are strong enough.

As for the boa-type locks (rolled up), they are light and inexpensive but not strong either and are therefore not recommended for parking for the day. A reliable lock such as a U-shaped or folding steel lock will be better suited.

Advantages and disadvantages of locks

Even if the scooter locks we have selected in this comparison are good, they are not perfect.

Advantages :

  • Case-hardened steel locks are robust and effective.
  • Lightweight locks with brackets are easy to carry.
  • Folding locks are easy to use.
  • Anti-theft locks with anti-picking and anti-sawing locks are effective.
  • Some locks can protect several scooters at the same time.
  • U-locks with additional cable are even more effective
  • Handcuff locks are the easiest to handle, transport and use.
  • Alarm locks are effective in scaring away thieves


  • Locks with keys sometimes have locks that get stuck
  • Even the most effective locks do not always prevent theft.
  • Locks can be bulky (U-shaped) and heavy (steel).
  • Some folding locks are difficult to handle.
  • Alarm locks are easy to cut.
  • Locks are sometimes expensive.

Popular scooter locks

Frequently asked

How to put on a Xiaomi scooter lock?

It depends on the lock. If you opt for a handcuff lock, just hang a bracelet on a fixed point like a pole and the second bracelet on the frame

What lock for an electric scooter?

Apart from locks for disc brakes, there is no lock designed specifically for electric scooters. These are the same as for bicycles. However, everyone agrees that U-locks are the best.

What is the best scooter lock?

No lock protects 100% of scooters. Weigh the pros and cons to find a good model. If your scooter is expensive and the parking place is potentially risky, take a U-lock and why not an additional alarm.

How to choose a scooter lock?

To be sure to choose the right scooter lock, you must take into account the duration and location of parking. Do not waste your money by saving 20 pounds on a lock that is not worth the cost. If your scooter is electric, it will attract thieves more because it has more resale value and interest. This should direct you to a better quality lock.