Best Treadmill Brands

11 Best Treadmill Brands

Have you ever wondered …

  • What are the best brands of treadmills?
  • Or, what is the best brand of treadmill?
  • Which brand of treadmill is the best value for money?

We have the answers and much more!

The best brands of treadmills

1- NordicTrack note 19/20

Nordic Track X9i Incline Trainer Treadmill

Nordictrack is a leading brand produced by ICON Health & Fitness. Their treadmills are known to work with the iFit app. They are high end treadmills . This is the best for home use.

The prices of these treadmills range from 800 to 3500 dollars.


2- Sole Fitness note 18/20

Sole Fitness is an American company owned by Dyaco International. This well-known brand in the USA equips the gyms of many hotels and residential gyms.

Sole brand treadmills are not very common in europe but are of very good quality .

Prices range from 900 to 3500 dollars.


3- ProForm note 17/20

Proform Unisex's Pro Form Endurance S7.5 Treadmill Grey/Silver, Black and White, 186 l x 92 w x 149 h centimeters

Proform also belongs to ICON Health & Fitness, but differentiates itself by offering mid-range treadmills for sale.

They combine attractively priced treadmills with attractive features and performance such as speakers, incline, and high running speed.

ProForm treadmills are popular in the world and are good compromises .

Prices start from 600 to 1,500 dollars


4- Technogym note 18/20

Technogym MyRun Treadmill - Stone Grey

Technogym is a pioneer in the high-end treadmill market. They are aesthetically clean and quite compact devices , which is generally rare for high-end sports devices. the Technogym My Run is the recommended affordable model.

Prices range from 3000 to 13,500 dollars


5- LifeSpan note 18/20

Lifespan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desktop - Grey

Lifespan are classic treadmills and treadmills without consoles or with desk .

These treadmills are made in Utah, USA and are intended for home use primarily. They are also found in gyms in residential areas, more generally in sports halls, in rehabilitation clinics and (new).

Prices range from 800 to 2500 dollars


6- BH Fitness note 16/20

Bh Fitness PIONEER R2 TFT Treadmill - Maximum speed: 16 km/h - Running surface: 45 cm x 125 cm - Touch & Fun Technology - Foldable - G6485TFTUK

BH Fitness is a multinational fitness company based in Spain. The range of Treadmills extends from entry level to high end . BH Fitness manufactures all kinds of sports equipment and the brand is best known in europe for selling rowing machines and apartment bikes.

Prices range from 500 to 7,500 dollars


7- Reebok note 15/20

Reebok TT2.0 Treadmill - White

Reebok is an affordable brand also owned by ICON in Utah. Reebok treadmills are equipped with wifi, iFit and Android technologies. The brand is popular in USA and europe for clothing but still relatively little known in the equipment of treadmills.

Prices range from 700 to 2000 dollars


8- Sportstech note 16/20

Sportstech F28 Professional Treadmill with Smartphone App Control + Google Street View + Belt + 5 Inch Bluetooth MP3 AUX for 5 HP 18 km/h HRC Training – Foldable – Pulse Belt Included – TÜV certified

SportsTech is a German company manufacturer of all kinds of fitness equipment. They are based in Berlin and are taking market share in Europe on the treadmills.

These are sports devices ranging from entry level to mid-range.

Prices range from 300 to 1300 dollars


Other brands to consider

9- Weslo note 14/20

Weslo 21 Treadmill - Black Red Silver, 140X74X163 cm

Weslo belongs to ICON (we don’t present them anymore). They are entry level treadmills at a low price. Very popular in the USA , they are also sold in Europe to a lesser extent.

Prices range from 250 to 500 dollars


10- HOMCOM note 13/20

Homcom Unisex Motorised Electric Treadmill, Grey/Black, 62 x 62.5 X 119 cm

HOMCOM is a brand of treadmills producing low cost machines. These are small sized treadmills, suitable for walking and not for running .

Prices range from 200 to 350 dollars


11- Hammer note 15/20

Hammer is a German brand of sports equipment including treadmills. The brand became popular in europe with the Hammer LR18i which is a beautiful mid-range device that is below and often out of stock victim of its success.

Hammer Life Runner LR18i Programmable Auto-Incline Treadmill - Anthracite/Black/Silver

Also find our  complete guide to treadmills .

NordicTrack is, according to experts, the best brand of treadmills accessible to the general public.

I would add for the part that I very much appreciate the ProForm brand which seems to me to be more suited to the budget of the majority of the people who want to acquire a device at home and which offers very good value for money.

High-end treadmill

The selection of the best high-end treadmills is on this page and these are the best treadmills of the moment.

For a professional treadmill, you have to take recognized brands in the field such as Nordictrack or Sole Fitness.

Want an excellent Treadmill?

Nordic Track X7i Incline Trainer
  • Motor: 2.75 CHP DurX-; Speed Range: 0-20KPH (0-12.4MPH); Incline Range: 0-40%;
  • Decline Range: 0-3%; Onetouch Control buttons; Running Area: 55cm (22”) x 152cm (60”);
  • Cushioning: Reflex-; Console Display: 7’’ Backlit iFit Display; Programmes: 38 Workout Apps;
  • Heart Rate Measurement: CardioGrip- Pulse Hand Sensors; AutoBreeze- Fan; Interactivity: iFit Coach BLE Enabled - Use the iFit Smart Cardio App on Compatible Tablets and Smartphones (Subscription Based after Initial Trial);
  • Max. User Weight: 115kg (253.5lbs); Lifetime Frame and 10yrs Motor Warranty; iPod/mp3 Port;