Cookeo Black Friday

Cookeo Black Friday 2022

Cookeo Black Friday 2022


3 Cookeo models at broken prices !!!

1. Cookeo 100 recipes (the cheapest) -> Check offer
2. Cookeo Connect 200 recipes (bluetooth + white) -> Check offer
3. Cookeo Touch Wifi 250 recipes (new model) -> Check offer

First come first served!

2 Popular offers

1. Cookeo Connect 200 recipes


2. Cookeo Touch 250 recipes


Looking for Cookeo Black Friday deals ? You are lucky! The famous Moulinex cooking appliance is often less expensive during christmas season.

If like me you like to simplify your meal preparation, you must have looked for kitchen appliances such as cookers and others but without knowing exactly which one to choose.

I offer you an overview of the 5 Cookeo cookers.

A Cookeo Black Friday: the other models

After years of preparing meals, I decided to invest in a device to save time that would allow me to vary the recipes and simplify my task, I then came across an advertisement for the Cookeo cooker, it had l looks very interesting even the price!

After a few days, I decided to buy it (it’s good black friday arrived and I was able to save by buying it that day). After several months of use what I can say is a huge change for me! I did not think that such a device could be so useful! The cookeo comes with 100 programmed recipes (but you can add more) and it takes care of EVERYTHING. >>>>> More specs here

I save time in preparation and cooking, the result is always in my expectations and the device is easy to clean in short, it is happiness.

The Cookeo is a simple cooking appliance that allows you to prepare and cook all kinds of meals (meat, fish, vegetables, etc.). You can select automatic or manual cooking to modify the cooking time. The device comes preprogrammed with 100 sweet and savory recipes which is pretty cool.

A Moulinex cooker for pressurized, steamed, gentle cooking, simmering, browning, reheating and even keeping warm. it’s 7 cooking modes! Eliminate kitchen chores!

  • Imagine putting in your ingredients, pushing a button and worrying about nothing
  • Imagine no longer having to clean 3 pots and a dozen accessories but only having to clean one element.
  • Imagine programming the cooking so that the meal is ready when you get home.

Here is the ranking of cookeo cookers found for Black Friday. The number of copies available and the price may be limited, so don’t dawdle at the risk of missing the Black Friday price.

1- Moulinex Cookeo + 150 recipes

Moulinex Cookeo Intelligent Multi Cooker 150 Recipes White

Moulinex Cookeo Intelligent Multi Cooker 150 Recipes White
  • Power: 1600 W
  • Capacity: 6 litres
  • 6 cooking modes
  • 150 recorded recipes

The white Cookeo is one of the best-selling moulinex cooker in France.

This cooker meets all the expectations that one hopes to obtain by acquiring a Cookeo. The appliance has a capacity of 6 liters, has 4 menus and the 7 previously mentioned cooking modes.

In addition, this cookeo reference comes with 150 saved recipes. The bowl (internal pan) is removable and is dishwasher safe. It is an ideal appliance for convenience of preparation, saving cooking time and less chore of washing up.

Product dimensions (L x W x H) 15 x 13.5 x 13 inch for a power of 1600 Watts.

  • Cook everything
  • 7 automatic cooking modes
  • 1 to 6 people
  • 150 pre-recorded recipes
  • Easy to clean
  • No addition of recipes possible
  • Mix food yourself before cooking


2- Moulinex Cookeo CE704110 (White / Chrome) + 100 recipes

Robot de Cocina Moulinex CE704110 Blanco

The Cookeo CE704110 White / Chrome is almost the same cooker model as number 1.

It is number 1 in sales because it is the cheapest. It enjoys the same features and benefits as red, the only difference being the aesthetic appearance with neutral white colors on the outside and a chrome cover.

Suffice to say that it’s a matter of taste, quite simply … I was told that to try it was to adopt it and well it’s true and I recommend it without hesitation.

  • Cook everything
  • 7 automatic cooking modes
  • 1 to 6 people
  • 100 pre-saved recipes
  • Easy to clean
  • No addition of recipes possible
  • Mix food before cooking


3- Moulinex Cookeo + CE7021 (White / Chrome) + 150 recipes

This Cookeo CE851110 (White / Chrome) comes with 150 preset recipes and the delayed start option.

Not to repeat, this Cookeo has the same functions as the previous models. Here are the extra things it does:

-This is a restyled version of the previous Cookeo with a little less chrome on the front

-This Cookeo has 50 more recipes than the entry-level model and it has an app to share your own recipes if that’s an option you’re interested in.

  • Cook everything
  • 150 Preset recipes
  • Delayed departure
  • Easy to clean
  • You have to learn how to use it
  • Mix food before cooking


4- Moulinex Cookeo Connect CE857800 + Application “Mon Cookeo” Bluetooth+ Balance Cookeo + 200 recettes

This Cookeo Connect CE857800 is the Rolls of Moulinex cookers from the Cookeo range. It is the most connected model with the most possibilities. Once again, this Cookeo cooker has the same basic cooking functions as the others with, among other things:

-200 pre-programmed recipes. No need to buy additional recipes in USB key because it is compatible with the free application “My cookeo” .

-The “My cookeo” application for adding recipes, but also for monitoring and adjusting cooking progress from your smartphone / tablet.

-Its maximum power is 1600 WATT to cook food even faster.

All in all, this version of Moulinex Cookeo enriches its recipe base without limit.

  • Cook everything
  • 200 Preset recipes
  • Even faster cooking (1600 WATT)
  • Unlimited recipes thanks to the “My Cookeo” application
  • Bluetooth compatible with cooking monitoring from tablet / smartphone
  • Follow the cooking from your smartphone
  • You have to learn how to use it
  • Mix food before cooking


5- Moulinex Cookeo Touch  (tactile) + 250 recipes (new generation)

The Cookeo Touch (touch) is aesthetically similar to other Cookeo with the difference that its screen is touch. The Cookeo touch cooker has the same functions as the others with 2 major differences:

-It has 250 preprogrammed recipes against 100, 150 or 200 recipes for the others. It also has the possibility of adding additional recipes.

-Its maximum power is 1600 WATT against 1200 WATT for the cheaper models.

This latest version of 2020 allows you to cook even faster. In total, this version of the Moulinex Cookeo enriches its recipe base beyond 250 recipes.

Appreciable, this version comes with the official Cookeo scale.

  • Cook everything
  • 250 Preset recipes
  • Add unlimited recipes
  • Even faster cooking (1600 WATT)
  • Follow the cooking from your smartphone
  • Touch screen
  • You have to learn how to use it
  • Mix food before cooking


Cookeo Connect video

Since a video is worth 1000 words … (french video)

Benefits of buying a Cookeo

Cookeo Cookers are great kitchen appliances. Black Friday being the ideal day to take advantage of the best price.

To recap, the Cookeo is a cooker allowing you to cook all kinds of food thanks to 7 cooking modes. It is programmable to start cooking at the requested time.

Buying a Cookeo also means saving yourself the hassle of doing the dishes . In fact, all you have to do is clean the ultra-resistant ceramic tub either manually or in the dishwasher.

I bought the Cookeo Rouge with 100 recipes. Today, if I had to do it again, I would have chosen the cookeo Connect which gives possibilities of adding recipes without limit and without additional expenses. In addition, I like this connected and simplified approach to cooking because with my 3 children and my work, it is not easy to stay in the kitchen! Besides, I just bought a children’s wooden kitchen. It makes my two youngest kids busy.

I recommend Cookeo!

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Conclusion: What is the Best Cookeo?

In conclusion, I will insist on the importance of choosing the right Cookeo even if you buy it on Black Friday .

After my research on the different models of Cookeo, I understood that there were simply 3 models:

  1. The first generation of 100 recipes and a power of 1200W
  2. The second generation with 150 or 200 1600W recipes
  3. The latest generation with the addition of free and unlimited recipes and a power of 1600W and touch

The last generation is the most expensive in terms of price but it is also the best. The question to ask is:

Will you take the risk of being constrained with 100 recipes and without the possibility of adding more?

Think carefully about the possibility offered by the newer Cookeo models which allow the addition of recipes for more variety in your meals and which are the only guarantee to offer you long-term satisfaction.

The best Cookeo Black Friday cookers is the Moulinex Cookeo Connect  + its My Cookeo Bluetooth application + 200 recipes. It is better to invest in a serious model that will accompany you far and long.

If you plan to use your Cookeo every day, take a device that will not limit your possibilities too quickly.

Customer Reviews

It is important to compare customer reviews to buy the best cookeo. Haven’t found the model  that’s right for you yet?
Click here to see the customer reviews of our favorite model.


Black friday cookeo connect or black cookeo black friday are November deals.

By others, we find the cookeo connect plus black friday offer.