PlayStation 4 Black Friday

PlayStation 4 Black Friday 2022 >>>>> [Buy PS4 up to -50% OFF]



PlayStation, Console Pack Ps4 500 Go + Fifa 21 + Points Fut + Abonnement Ps+ 14 Jours
  • Ps4 slim 500 go avec 1 manette sans fil dualshock 4 et le jeu fifa 21 inclus
  • Console rapide, silencieuse et à consommation réduite
  • Connectivité optimale avec playstation plus pour diffuser, échanger et défier en ligne.


Sony, Pack PS4 Fortnite, Console PlayStation 4 Slim 500 Go + 1 Manette Sans Fil DUALSHOCK 4 V2 + Voucher Accessoires Fortnite, Châssis F, Couleur : Jet Black
  • PS4 Slim 500 Go avec manette sans fil Dualshock 4 et Voucher Fortnite inclus, Pour maximiser votre expérience de jeu et bénéficier des accessoires Neo Versa, Neo Phrenzy et 2000 V-Bucks
  • Console rapide, silencieuse et à consommation réduite, Connectivité optimale avec PlayStation Plus pour diffuser, échanger et défier en ligne
  • Contrôle total sur votre jeu et immersion assurée grâce à la manette ergonomique et intuitive Dualshock 4 V2, Prise en charge de la technologie HDR pour profiter de graphismes époustouflants
  • Espace idéal pour découvrir Fortnite et les derniers hits et exclusivités PlayStation (Red Dead, Death Stranding, Crash…), Accès au meilleur du divertissement (musique, cinéma, télé) sur diverses plateformes de contenu
  • Contenu : 1x Sony PlayStation 4 Slim 500 Go F, Voucher Fortnite inclus, 1x Manette Sans Fil Dualshock 4 V2, Oreillete-micro mono incluse, Câbles : Alimentation, HDMI, USB, Taille de la console : 26,5 x 3,9 x 28,8 cm, Couleur : Noir (Jet Black), Art :...


until midnight December 4 (or while stocks last).
First come, first served!



Black Friday 2022


 3 PS4 Packs at broken prices !!!

OFFRE 1 : PS4 Pro 1 To Noire + The Last of Us Part II + Ghost of Tsushima  Check Deal 1

OFFRE 2 : Pack PS4 500 Go + Fifa 21 + Points Fut + PS subscription+ 14 days  Check Deal 2

OFFRE 3 : PS4 Slim 500 Go + Fortnite  Check Deal 3

First come first served!

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All PS4, Ps4 Pro deals, Packs, games and accessories


Sony, Pack PS4 Fortnite, Console PlayStation 4 Slim 500 Go + 1 Manette Sans Fil DUALSHOCK 4 V2 + Voucher Accessoires Fortnite, Châssis F, Couleur : Jet Black



You are interested in PlayStation 4 Black Friday and you have a lot to choose from. Don’t expect this to last long as the offers are limited!

Looking for PS4 Black Friday deals ?, There are 2 PS4 models currently available: The PS4 Slim  and the PlayStation 4 Pro (4K). Black Friday shoppers are also looking for accessories to make the most of their home console’s capabilities.

Here’s what to expect as PS4 deals this Black Friday. Pay attention and you are sure to get a good deal!

PlayStation 4 Black Friday

Ps4 Slim, Ps4 Pro Playstation VR, PS4 accessories and all Playstation 4 games are featured in this article. This is for the Players!

La PlayStation 4 Slim

Several PS4 Slim Packs are offered for sale and Black Friday is the day to be sure to buy at the best price. However, if the pack you are interested in is not on sale, I strongly advise you to buy it anyway at the risk of falling out of stock (Christmas rush cause). If you have already missed a Black Friday offer you will not be fooled twice!

Sony Playstation 4 Slim Console 500GB Jet Black PS4


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PACKS PS4 Slim 500 Go (console seule):

PACKS PS4 Slim 1 To:

La PlayStation 4 Pro

The PS4 Pro is the improved Slim version. For Black Friday, this is the opportunity to buy a PS4 at the best price.

Play Station 4 Pro Sony 9887355 1 TB Negro

PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro differences:

Here is a helpful video showing the differences between Ps4 Slim and Pro.

Video difference PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro

Black Friday is the best day to buy a PS4 on sale.

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PACKS PS4 Pro 1 To:

PS4 Pro is faster, smoother, and 4K and HDR compatible


First come first served!

Pack PlayStation VR + Farpoint + Aim-Controller PS4 + VR Worlds + PS4 Camera V2 (click image for price)

The best price to acquire the PS4 VR!


PlayStation VR virtual reality

Sony is trying to win the VR video game market. Black Friday is the best time to find PS4 deals.

Playstation VR Black Friday is the PS VR headset that works with any PS4 (Slim or Pro). The V1 or V2 camera for PS4 must be purchased separately (the non-compatible PS3 one). PS moves are optional but are highly recommended for the best gaming experience.

PS VR only

PlayStation VR



PS Camera (accessory required for VR)

PlayStation Camera (PS4)



PS Move with 2 controllers

Sony HDMI PlayStation Move Motion Controller - Twin Pack (PS4/PSVR)



Aim Controller PS VR (for shooting games)

PlayStation VR Aim Controller (PS4)



Les Packs VR

Not all of them are useful but here are the 4 that are worth the cost.

PlayStation VR Aim Controller + jeu Farpoint

Aim Controller PS VR + Farpoint



VR (Virtual Reality) Compatible PS4 Games

What good is buying a headset, you also need PlayStation 4 accountable VR games. It is written on the box in 2 ways:

  2. YOU WILL NEED CA + image (below)

Robinson: The Journey - Playstation VR



Dual Shock 4 V2 controllers

Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 Controller - Silver

Here silver color, 10 other colors available

  1. Dual Shock 4 V2 Controller for PS4 White
  2. Dual Shock 4 V2 Controller for PS4 Black
  3. Dual Shock 4 V2 Controller for PS4 Blue
  4. Manette Dual Shock 4 V2 pour PS4 Crystal
  5. Dual Shock 4 Controller V2 for PS4 Destiny 2
  6. Dual Shock 4 V2 controller for PS4 Gran Turismo Sport
  7. Manette Dual Shock 4 V2 pour PS4 Or
  8. Dual Shock 4 V2 Controller for PS4 PlayStation Footbal Club
  9. Dual Shock 4 V2 Controller for PS4 Red
  10. Dual Shock 4 V2 Controller for PS4 Camouflage Green


Les Station de charge DUAL DOCK

The Dual Dock 2-in-1 charging power system for Dual Shock PS4 controller

Dual dock 2-in-1 système d'alimentation pour manette Dual Shock PS4



Other PS4 Accessories

Vertical display for PS4

Sony PlayStation 4 Vertical Stand (PS4)



PS4 Pro vertical stand for Playstation 4 pro with integrated fans and non-slip feet

Younik PS-4 Pro Vertical Stand for PS-4 Pro with Built-in Cooling Vents and Non-slip Feet



2 pairs of thumb buttons for PS4 controller

Fosmon Silicone Thumb Stick Analog Controller Grip Caps (4 pack / 2 Pair) Compatible with PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Wii Nunchuck, and Xbox 360 Gamepads - Black/Red



PS4 PRO vertical console dust protection cover

Pandaren® Dust Proof Neoprene Cover Sleeve for Sony PS4 PRO console Vertical Place (Black)



KONKY – Fast Charging Dual USB Dock Station for Playstation 4 PS4 / PS4 Slim Pro Console Controller with LED Indicator

PS4 Controller Charging Dock Stand, USB Dual Charger Station Accessory with LED Indicator for Playstation 4 / PS4 Slim Pro and PSVR Controller



PS4 VR storage / transport bag

To protect your helmet and PS moves when going to a friend’s house or simply not to collect dust in your living room.

PS4 VR transport case

Bigben Interactive Carry Storage VR Console Case for Sony PlayStation 4



PS4 VR carrying bag


4K Black Friday TV for PS4 Pro

Buying a PlayStation 4 Pro but don’t have a 4K TV? Enjoy an exceptional experience by equipping yourself with a high resolution TV. well worth the cost.

HISENSE 43A7100FTUK 43-inch 4K UHD HDR Smart TV with Freeview play, and Alexa Built-in (2020 series), Black



PS4 Black Friday deals 2022

A little shopping has never hurt anyone, especially when it comes to getting great deals on the PlayStation 4 on Black Friday. This is exactly what Black Friday is for, the shopping event of the year! Many products are then put on sale with discounts of up to -50%, such as TVs or video game consoles, so this is the opportunity or never to please your loved ones or you- even for your Christmas shopping a little in advance! Check out the Black Friday PS4 deals. Soon black friday PS5.