Best Travel Bags with Wheels

Top 5 Best Travel Bags with Wheels

Do you want to avoid buying an overly large hard-shell suitcase but you are worried that your travel bag will be too heavy to carry? Why not opt for a travel bag with wheels ?

Anyone who has traveled once in their life knows that luggage is a headache that can quickly strain your nerves. A loose wheel or seam is not uncommon and you may have experienced it as I have (several times) because some sellers create “disposable” bags like a Kleenex to be dumped after a first trip.

A travel bag with wheels allows you to take the essentials with you … by rolling it and being more flexible, that’s the goal. It saves time, it relieves the back and in the end we really get more comfort.

This technology has enough setback that the bags offered are equipped with quality wheels and offer strength and longevity. I show the 5 best wheeled travel bags of the moment.

Best travel bags on wheels

Saving time without making the trip an obstacle course, not being forced to leave useful accessories at home for lack of space, these are among the many advantages offered by wheeled travel bags.

  • Imagine arriving at a station or airport without already having back pain
  • Imagine taking the essentials without fear of bearing the weight
  • Imagine yourself sweating less in the waiting lines

Here is the ranking of the best travel bags with wheels. The number of copies available and the price may be limited.

Current bestsellers:

1- Eastpak Tranverz S – Cabin travel bag

Eastpak Tranverz S Suitcase, 51 cm, 42 L, Black

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The Eastpak Tranverz S is a small 42l bag which offers the advantage of having the regulatory format to be considered as hand luggage and to travel in the cabin with you.

It comes in 20 colors and proves to be sturdy enough to go a long way with you.

Its dimensions 51 x 32.5 x 24 cm for a weight of 5.3 lbs.

Price : $

  • 20 colors
  • robust
  • 42 Liters
  • too soft to protect like a suitcase
Eastpak Tranverz S Suitcase, 51 cm, 42 L, Black
  • Two main compartments make sure you stay organised
  • Height: 51 cm, Width: 32,5 cm, Depth: 23 cm
  • Made from a 60 percent nylon and 40 percent polyester blend
  • Roomy front pocket has an organiser for keeping your essentials in order
  • Top and side padded handles make it easy to place on a rack or conveyor


2- Eastpak Tranverz L– As big as a hard suitcase

EASTPAK Taschen/Rucksäcke/Koffer Tranverz L Trolley Crafty Blue (EK63L25M) OS Blau


The Eastpak Tranverz L benefits from Eastpak quality but for a large volume. With 121 liters at your disposal, you can’t forget anything.

It exists in 20 colors, very practical if you wish to harmonize it with your Tranverz S. Its dimensions are 79 x 40 x 33cm for a weight of 36,6 lbs.

This real soft suitcase is robust and could well be suitable for the most seasoned globetrotters.

Price : $$

  • 20 colors
  • robust and reliable
  • 121 Liters
  • flexible (store fragile objects in the middle)
EASTPAK Taschen/Rucksäcke/Koffer Tranverz L Trolley Crafty Blue (EK63L25M) OS Blau
  • Der Tranverz L Trolley von Eastpak ist der perfekte Reisebegleiter für Damen und Herren.
  • Zweistöckiges Hauptfach mit Reißverschluss, Vordertasche mit Reißverschluss
  • Hauptfach mit Reißverschluss und Kleidergurten
  • Auf dem Trenndeckel des Hauptfaches befindet sich ein kleines Einschubfach
  • Kompressionsgurte zum Einstellen des Volumens


3- Karabar Portola – a cheap travel bag with wheels

Karabar Extra Large Wheeled Travel Luggage Holdall Bag XXL 34 inch 3.8 kg 152 litres with 2 Wheels, Anderson Brown


The Karabar Portola has a 10 years warranty which says a lot about the confidence that the manufacturer has placed in it. Its users also trust it.

Its chic appearance and its “leather” touch canvas give it a respectable rather nice look.

Its dimensions are 43 x 78 x 36cm for a capacity of 120 liters.

Price : $$

  • 10 years warranty
  • robust and reliable
  • 120 Liters
  • a little heavy when empty
Karabar Extra Large Wheeled Travel Luggage Holdall Bag XXL 34 inch 3.8 kg 152 litres with 2 Wheels, Anderson Brown
  • THE PERFECT CHOICE: At Karabar, we pride ourselves in manufacturing great luggage bags with the best materials and fabrics available on the market today. We designed this extra large wheeled holdall to be tough, durable and most importantly, super...
  • DURABLE WHEELS FOR STRESS FREE TRIP: Getting to and from your holiday destination can be a stressful journey. This stylish wheel bag features two smooth rolling wheels making this ultra light bag stable, secure and reliable. The silent wheels will make...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION: This luggage bag is made from durable polyester material which is lightweight and strong to withstand the rigours of modern transport. It will protect your contents from water, drinks, rain and other liquids during travel. The...
  • PERFECT FOR ULTIMATE ORGANISATION: The interior is perfect for ties, underwear, socks, documents, laptop and other essentials, to keep the contents of your luggage safe and secure. The sturdy telescopic handle will make your journey pleasant, comfortable...
  • EXCEPTIONAL 10 YEARS WARRANTY: Karabar pride themselves on the durability, robustness and quality workmanship of their popular soft and hard luggage bags and cases, so much so that they offer a 10-year warranty replacement service covering all...


4- OIWAS – A women’s travel bag

OIWAS Travel Bag for Women and Men Overnight Holdall with Wheels Roller Weekend Bag Small Duffle Expandable Wheeled Sport Bag 45L to 55L Red


The OIWAS is resolutely feminine. Most luggage is unisex but often designed by and for men, that is what is solved.

Available in 2 variations, it is elegant and modest in size. It will not contain a wardrobe but will enter the cabin or take everything necessary for a weekend.

Dimensions 55 x 36 x 26cm

Price : $$

  • 100% female
  • pretty and practical with its handles
  • lightweight and protected casters
  • robust
  • expandable volume (from 45 to 55 liters)
  • medium size bag (volume 45 L, expandable to 55 L)
OIWAS Travel Bag for Women and Men Overnight Holdall with Wheels Roller Weekend Bag Small Duffle Expandable Wheeled Sport Bag 45L to 55L Red
  • Weekend bag with wheels Size : 55.5 cm * 36 cm * 26.5 cm (length * depth * height); Weight: approx. 2.01 kg; Capacity: 45L expand to 55L, more space can be extended to carry your luggage and sport item. At the same time, our holdall with wheels is of high...
  • Large capacity travel tote: can fit about 2-3 days of clothes easily. The duffle bag is also compact enough to fit into most airplane cabins as a carry-on on your short weekend get-away trips. Weekend bag is made of high grade material, with character of...
  • Two easy-to-maneuver wheels and a telescopic handle of overnight bag ensure easy transport, two outside zippered pockets, carrying handle on top for easy access and easy lifting. Weekend bag with wheels is freely standed when you had the handle out.
  • This travel bag is a good idea as mothers day gifts, valentines gift for him or her, suitable for weekend adventure, traveling, large gym, family holiday, airplane/flights, vocation, short journey, overnight trips;
  • Best cabin size wheeled overnight hand luggage duffle bag. Perfect for short breaks and weekend trips as fathers day gifts and christmas gifts, this wheeled holdall is easy and convenient to use and an excellent alternative to a bulky suitcase. A roller...


5- David Jones – Cabin suitcase + vanity

David Jones Hand Luggage pea-coloured One Size


The David Jones travel set is a real travel set with its 35 + 15 liters respectively.

Its rounded shape and aesthetic is trendy and appreciated by travelers.

It is robust and this time, it will accommodate something to go for a long time. it should be understood that only its shape and its patterns are feminine because it is a sturdy and muscular bag.

It is a travel set for women and not expensive.

Price : $$

  • feminine
  • robust, flexible and aesthetic
  • 50 liters in total
  • pass in airplane cabin
  • his price
  • small storage volume


Advantages of travel bags with wheels

Rolling travel bags allow you to roll a weight that would quickly hurt your back if you had to carry it. Trolley bags are also lighter when empty and less expensive than rigid suitcases while offering sometimes equivalent quality.

I fell in love with the EastPak Tranverz L in Crafty Blue color. I find the volume very large and practical for going on vacation and even too large for a weekend. In terms of color, Double Denim is neutral and both my wife and my teenagers find it great. It’s a good idea to have thought of a wheeled travel bag that competes without compromise with a travel backpack or hard-shell wheeled suitcase.

Video: Eastpak Tranverz

Conclusion: Which backpack for traveling to choose?

In conclusion, I will insist on the importance of choosing the right travel bag on wheels.

A quality wheeled bag offers almost the same guarantees as a hard-shell suitcase but for a lower price.

With a maximum capacity of 120 liters, you can really take everything you need and as it rolls, you don’t have to worry about your back. it is therefore an excellent compromise: to try it is to adopt it.

As always in the field of luggage, focus on quality and do not be stingy, 10 dollars can make the difference and you will avoid having to buy a new bag on the next trip.

Will you take the risk of a crush that will tear or lose a wheel on the first trip? 

I have already experienced it twice by buying cheap trolley bags. So think carefully about the robustness of the fabric, the wheel system used and the volume which are the only guarantees of a successful holiday.

The best rolling travel bags are more expensive but that is the price of quality. It is better to invest in a serious model which will accompany you far and for a long time and especially that you will not have to wear because of a roulette which will have failed you.

Think of a successful trip to make the most of your stay

If you plan to use a travel bag with wheels every day, get a quality one so that you don’t get disappointed too quickly and have to buy another one.

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